What’s Trending?! (May 25)

Week of May 25, 2020

Welcome to our weekly What’s Trending?! roundup. We hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend!

Our weekly roundup will cover the latest trends across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and other social channels to keep you in the know. If you’d like to receive an email alert on Tuesday when we release it, sign up here.

Let’s get it going!


Content & Hashtags:

  • The #LaughingChallenge is a lighthearted new trend on Instagram started by Goldie Hawn designed to reduce stress. It’s simple, post a video of yourself laughing with your kids, family, friends, or even your pets!
  • Instagram’s #MakeUpChallenge is a timeless trend that keeps users engaged every week! Every minute, users and influencers alike are posting their newest makeovers usually including a before and after photo (or video).
  • IGTV has gained mass popularity in the last few months with users and influencers creating their own series. Series aren’t limited to one topic, influencers have been creating new series on virtually any topic. Users are also taking advantage of the news option to share IG Live to IGTV to create a whole new channel of content!

Data & Updates:

  • Instagram made an update to see what music you can’t broadcast on Stories.


Content & Hashtags:

  • With loads of TikTok users staying home with their families, the new trend of #FamilyStoryTime has begun. Users are sharing funny stories with their followers about things that happened in quarantine, stories from their childhood, and everything in between.
  • The new AR game #ElectricityGame shows off TikTok’s skills of adding a gaming element to their app. Users are challenged to show off their best scores in this new maze-like game where you use your face to control a ball through an electric obstacle course!
  • The #TikTokWellness hashtag has driven more than 1.2 Billion views thus far! This trend has users sharing how they’re coping with self care and mental health during this time, and offering tips to stay healthy.

Data & Updates:

  • “TikTok” has been mentioned 2.33 Million times in the past 7 days on top channels (Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Blogs, etc.) – a 7% decrease compared to the previous 7 days.

Trending News on Social Media, COVID-19 and Influencer Marketing:

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Here are some brands delivering powerful, new messaging:

Walmart: Created employee’s hopeful poem into a new video ad

Mazda: Partnered with Playstation to bring their concept car in-game

Brawny: Funding the Heroes Going Above and Beyond in Their Communities


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