What’s Trending?! (May 18)

Week of May 18, 2020

Welcome to our weekly What’s Trending?! roundup. Our weekly roundup covers the latest trends across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and other social channels to keep you in the know.

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Here we go…


Content & Hashtags:

  • The new ‘Support Small Business’ sticker has launched on Instagram Stories! Users can now support their favorite small businesses with this sticker which shows thumbnail images of their last 3 posts in a nicely designed layout.
  • Instagram has a downright hilarious beauty trend going on right now in the form of the #TinyFaceChallenge. With everyone wearing masks, the challenge here is to draw lips above your mask and use makeup to create your own ‘tiny face’.
  • The #FruitSnackChallenge is the cutest viral challenge taking over Instagram. The challenge tests the patience of babies and pets as parents tell them to ‘wait’ to eat the bowl of snacks until they come back. The results are hilarious!

Data & Updates:


Content & Hashtags:

  • #TikTokGraduation has taken over, with 240 Million views and counting. Users are sharing their graduation-from-home ceremonies and best looks in their cap and gown.
  • For all the aspiring models out there, this one’s for you! #PoseAtHome has users finding their best angles and posing seriously (and comically) in different places around the house.
  • #CookingHacks is the latest TikTok trend in the kitchen. From secret chocolate chip recipes to kitchen cleaning hacks, this hashtag has users all over the world sharing their secrets.

Data & Updates:

  • “TikTok” has been mentioned 1.92 Million times in the past 7 days on top channels (Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Blogs, etc.) – a 34% increase compared to the previous 7 days.
  • The rules have now changed for brands looking to use music on TikTok videos. Brands now have to choose music from a ‘Commercial Music Library’ instead of the public library.

Trending News on Social Media, COVID-19 and Influencer Marketing:

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Here are some brands delivering powerful, new messaging:

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June brought Cannes, VidCon, a slew of Instagram and TikTok release including AI avatars,