What’s Trending?! (June 8)

Week of June 8, 2020

Standing Proudly with our Black Community

As a society, what we are experiencing today has been a long time coming. A time for reckoning, reflection and reexamination of the status quo. As a company, we vow to stand proudly against racial injustice with our black community. Learn the actions we’re taking here.

In an effort to amplify messages that are on the right side of justice, we’ve compiled a collection of what’s trending on social media in these troubling times.

Powerful Brand Messages Against Racial Injustice

Nike: For Once, Don’t Do It

Nike released a powerful new video segment in support of Black Lives Matter with the hashtag #UntilWeAllWin. Seen as a leader in the racial injustice conversation, Nike speaks out against racism and police brutality in this short segment with powerful one line quotes. The spot was so impactful that their main competitor, Adidas, reposted it across social channels.

Plant Power Fast Food: Donating All Restaurant Proceeds

A large number of plant-based food brands stepped up in a big way this past week, including Plant Power Fast Food. In reaction to the movement, the new west coast vegan fast-food chain donated 100% of their profits this past weekend to the NAACP, and Black Visions Collective organizations. Check out the full list of plant-based brands taking a stand!

Ben & Jerry’s: Dismantle White Supremacy

In a new campaign launched by Ben & Jerry’s, they’re taking a strong stand against police brutality and racial injustice calling to dismantle white supremacy on their website and Twitter. Their plan calls for Trump and government officials to commit “a formal process of healing and reconciliation”, as well as demanding a national task force to be created to draft legislation increasing police accountability.

How Influencers are Taking a Stand

90+ Black Creators, Influencers, and Tastemakers to Follow Right Now

One of the best ways to support the Black community right now is to elevate top creators and voices online! This extensive list highlights powerful Black activists, style icons, tastemakers, beauty stars, influencers, and everything in-between. Diversify your feed and show support!

Black Influencers Speak Out About What Brands and Followers Can Do Better

Black beauty influencers are making a powerful statement on social media platforms. They’re speaking out against racial injustice and serving as the voices of hope between consumers and brands during these troubling times. Learn how they’re taking a stand!


Influencers, celebrities, and online users around the world joined together to post black boxes across social media channels to show their support for racial injustice. Captions included powerful messaging, organizations to donate to, and personal stories surrounding the movement.

Trending News on Black Lives Matter & Racial Injustice Movement

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June brought Cannes, VidCon, a slew of Instagram and TikTok release including AI avatars,