Top Women Influencers You Need To Follow

Top Women Influencers To Follow by Linqia

Women comprise a lionshare of influencers and creators across social channels, representing over 80% of paid influencer accounts according to Linqia data. Each influencer has their own unique stories and perspectives that should be recognized and celebrated. 

Here are 10 female influencers that Linqians are inspired by, and encourage everyone to follow.


  1. Mona Vand (@monavand)

Mona Vand’s background as a pharmacist and wellness coach gives her unique insights into nutrition, fitness, and mental health, which she shares through evidence-based advice. She encourages authenticity and a positive mindset. Mona speaks out about women’s rights and current events in Iran, while incorporating Persian dishes and traditions into her wellness and recipe content, making her a valuable voice in the health and wellness community.

Top Women Influencers You Need To Follow Mona Vand

  1. Nicole Gottedman (@nicolegottesmann)

Nicole Gottesmann’s offers a holistic view of her life as a mother to her son Gab, who is autistic and non-speaking. She shares her personal journey as a mother, adding a relatable and authentic touch to her content. Nicole also emphasizes sustainable parenting and shares tips on raising a child with special needs in an eco-friendly and mindful way. Her unique combination of sustainability advocacy, motherhood, and her experience as a special needs parent make her an inspiring and valuable voice, promoting awareness and inclusivity.

Top Women Influencers You Need To Follow nicolegottesmann

  1. Mik Zazon (@mikzazon)

Mik Zazon is a body positivity influencer who advocates for self-love, inclusivity, and mental wellness. She encourages women to embrace their bodies through her motto “normalize normal bodies” and shares practical health tips. Mik is also a mental health advocate who promotes self-care and wellness on her platform. Her authenticity, vulnerability, and humor make her relatable and inspiring to her followers, and she is a valuable voice in the wellness community.

Top Women Influencers You Need To Follow mikzazon

  1. Elyse Myers (@elyse_myers)

Elyse Myers is a lifestyle influencer who inspires her followers with her fashion, beauty, and travel content. Her unique sense of style and eye for design make her a valuable source of inspiration, and she promotes sustainable fashion and conscious consumerism. Elyse is also an advocate for mental health and body positivity, and her authentic personality makes her a trusted voice in the community. She produces creative and high-value content that reflects her humor, and self-reflection, staying true to her values and brand.

Top Women Influencers You Need To Follow elyse_myers

  1. Anique (@my_kinda_thing)

Aniqua is a crochet doll maker who specializes in designing dolls for black and brown children. Her dedication to promoting positive imagery for children of color has led her to create the “My Kinda Thing University,” a virtual handmade school that offers over 30 courses on crocheting dolls of color. Aniqua teaches others to contribute to the representation of diverse communities and create their own unique designs. Through her passion and commitment to promoting inclusivity, she inspires aspiring crocheters to make a positive impact in the world of handmade crafts.

Top Women Influencers You Need To Follow _my_kinda_thing

  1. Lindsey Simon Gurk (@lindseygurk)

Lindsey Gurk is a multi-talented lifestyle influencer, content creator, and mom who brings her unique perspective to the fashion, beauty, and travel industry. Her keen eye for aesthetics and personal style offer her followers creative ideas and inspiration to elevate their wardrobe and lifestyle. She also uses her platform to promote self-love, body positivity, and mental health awareness. She recently launched a line of apparel called “Get Your Pink Back,” which serves as a reminder to anyone struggling that they will eventually overcome their difficulties. Lindsey’s commitment to positivity, relatability, and uplifting others makes her a trusted and inspiring voice in the industry.

Top Women Influencers You Need To Follow _linseygurk

  1. Tori Dunlap (@herfirst100k)

HerFirst100K is a personal finance platform created by Tori Dunlap, a financial educator, speaker, and author. With a mission to help women achieve financial independence and break the taboo surrounding money talks, Tori shares practical advice and tips on budgeting, investing, and saving money. Her content is aimed at millennials and Gen Z, and she provides a wealth of information on how to navigate the financial challenges that come with early adulthood, such as paying off debt, negotiating salary, and building a sustainable financial future. Tori’s platform also emphasizes the importance of gender equality in the workplace and advocates for closing the gender wage gap.

Top Women Influencers You Need To Follow _herfirst100k

  1. Cristina Goettsch Mittermeier (@mitty)

Mitty’s passion for the environment extends beyond travel, she is an incredibly talented wildlife photographer and environmental activist. Mitty emphasizes the importance of responsible travel and encourages her followers to be mindful of their impact on the environment and local communities. With her relatable and down-to-earth personality, coupled with her commitment to sustainable travel and living, Mitty is  a powerful advocate for the planet.

Top Women Influencers You Need To Follow _mitty

  1. Claudia Oshry (@girlwithnojob)

Girl With No Job, also known as Claudia Oshry, is a comedic influencer and content creator who has gained a massive following for her humorous posts and relatable commentary on pop culture, current events, and everyday life. She is known for her witty memes, viral tweets, and funny videos that have made her a beloved figure in the online community. In addition to her comedic content, Claudia is also an advocate for body positivity and mental health awareness, often sharing her own experiences and struggles with her followers.

Top Women Influencers You Need To Follow _girlwithnojob

  1. FLOR (@flowerinspanish)

Flower in Spanish is a social media influencer and activist with a mission to raise awareness about the plight of farm workers in California and the treatment of Mexican immigrants. FLOR shares informative content on social justice issues, and uses social media to fundraise for charitable organizations. FLOR’s dedication to social justice and advocacy for the oppressed has garnered a large following and a reputation as a trusted voice in the activist community.

Top Women Influencers You Need To Follow _flowerinspanish


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