Top Black Influencers You Need To Follow

Top Black Influencers You Need To Follow

The number of inspiring black creators grows every day, but there is still a wide gap in the quantity of black creators showing up in brand partnerships. 

Here are 10 black influencers that Linqians are inspired by, and encourage everyone to follow.


  1. Tabitha Brown (@iamtabithabrown)

Tabitha Brown is a mom, actress, writer and social media personality. She creates amazing content incorporating veganism, humor and motivational speaking. Her mouth watering vegan recipes may have converted one or two Linqians over the years, and her social accounts are a must follow.


  1. LaRon Hines (@laronhinesofficial)

LaRon Hines is a singer, actor, writer and producer who rose to fame quizzing preschoolers on his TikTok “Are You Smarter Than a Preschooler?” segment. His content skyrockets in popularity during the pandemic, where he would interview the kids at his parent’s daycare. We love the way he builds up the younger generation and connects with kids in an authentic “favorite uncle” way. 


  1. GloZell Green (@glozell)

GloZell Green (aka GloZell) is a YouTube personality creating interviews, video comedies about her life, and song parodies. Her most popular videos is her cinnamon challenge video, which has accumulated more than 53 million views. In 2015, GloZell interviewed President Barack Obama in a YouTube livestream hosted at the White House, which is a must watch. 

Top Black Influencer GloZell Green

  1. Kay (@theikonickay)

Kay is exploring the world, and we are along for the ride. She has a unique way of capturing the beauty in places and spaces, making luxury travel feel attainable and peaceful. She also happens to be an ex Linqian so understands how creators and brands work together to develop impactful stories.

  1. Bev Speaks (@bevspeaks)

Bev is a veteran journalist, author and blogger who created a massive TikTok following around her vocabulary building content. Visual learners will love “Auntie Bev’s” short videos, improving their use of the English language for all different personal and business applications. 

Top Black Influencers Bev Speaks

  1. LaBrandon Dates (@labrandondates)

LaBrandon is a certified purpose coach, marketing leader, and Forbes-featured influencer. 

He’s an experienced marketer, a respected travel and style enthusiast, and a self-published author of two books. We love LaBrandon’s digital artwork where he will take well known characters from pop culture and reimagine them as black or queer, because he knows how important representation is.

Top Black Influencers You Need To Follow _LaBrandon Dates

  1. Golloria (@golloria)

With many beauty influencers being asked to go on brand trips, review beauty products, etc Golloria does work to call out the inequality that exists in the beauty community. She is most known for her videos that show her reviewing a brand’s darkest shade and assessing if their makeup line is inclusive for all. These makeup reviews done by other (predominantly white creators) tend to focus on the positive, but Golloria’s honesty about the lack of inclusiveness is what is needed in the beauty industry!

Top Black Influencers You Need To Follow _golloria

  1. Clarke Peoples (@claaaarke)

Clarke is a lifestyle creator and college student based in Manhattan. She posts about everything from natural haircare and fashion to home decor. We love Clarke because she embodies what it means to go after what you want, and have fun while doing it. Be sure to tune into her live TikTok content, you never know if it will be a getting ready gossip session or political commentary

Top Black Influencers You Need To Follow _clarkepeoples

  1. Gabriella Karefa-Johnson (gabriellak_j)

Gabriella Karefa-Johnson is a New York-based stylist and editor known for her keen eye for up-and-coming designers, as well as her narrative-led approach aimed at diversifying representation in fashion. She is a global fashion editor, and her style certainly matches her title.

Top Black Influencers You Need To Follow __gabriellak_j

  1. Kevin Curry (@fitmencook)

What started as a blog in 2012 has turned Kevin Curry’s FitMenCook concept into a media empire. Focused on easy, healthy recipes, the FitMenCook app has been downloaded over 1 million times and turned Curry into a published author and highly followed influencer.


Top Black Influencers You Need To Follow _fitmencook_

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