TikTok Adds Influencer Audio Clips To Commercial Sounds Library

TikTok has added new influencer audio clips to its commercial sounds library.

Dubbed “Sounds for Business,” the platform aims to give brands more ability to leverage trending sounds and creators in their content. 

The idea is that by using audio clips from TikTok creators to leverage more recognizable voices in your TikTok promotions, your content will have a better chance of catching on with users. 

As part of the launch, there are eighteen available sound clips across six notable creators including Anania, Matt Buechele, Devin Halbal, Good Children, Sani Sisters, and Very Gay Paint. 

So what are the benefits and considerations:

1. Sounds are more important than ever on TikTok, as their standoff with WMG continues and trending music is notably missing from your feed. This means brands are already hungry to leverage sounds in a more strategic way. 

2. Those same brands have historically struggled with trending audio since they typically don’t have the rights within the commercial library. Including these influencer clips in that commercial library is thus a big win.

3. Now while trending creators are in high demand, just because a sound is recorded by a high-profile creator doesn’t make it trending. This may end up feeling forced given its only eighteen canned voice clips for all brands to choose from. And they aren’t trending sounds – just recorded sounds by trending people.

There’s no question that sound plays an important role in the TikTok experience. The platform has cited research showing that 88% of its users feel that audio is integral to the platform’s experience, with 73% of users saying that sound prompts them to “stop and look” at an ad, thus increasing watch time.

Whether or not these specific sounds will pay off for brands, it’s worth experimenting and this is likely just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what will be available to brands in the future. 

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