The Rise of Long-form Content

We just spent the last four years watching short-form videos explode and make TikTok one of the most valuable companies in the world. So why is everyone talking about long-form content now? The reality is, short-form video content is very hard to monetize, and ad revenue is ultimately what fuels these social media platforms. Hence the massive push for long form content. 

At a TikTok event at their NYC offices a few months back, executives told creators that people now spend half their time on TikTok watching videos that are longer than 60 seconds, and during the previous six months, creators who posted videos longer than one minute gained five times more followers than creators who posted videos shorter than a minute.

The reality is that short-form video content is tough to monetize, and ad revenue ultimately fuels these social media platforms. Hence the massive push for long-form content.

However, it is hard to determine whether the rise in long-form content is due to consumers’ interest or whether platforms are nudging us in that direction. 

Check out these tips to optimizing long-form creator content:

  1. Make sure the creator has experience and success with long-form content. It’s different from short form, and the proof is in the pudding.
  2. Storyboard or script where necessary. Many marketers don’t have the luxury of letting creators just “do their thing”, so if you need content to be pre-approved, then do so.
  3. Get more content than you need. This may cost more, but it’s worth it. If you want a 60-second video, don’t ask for 60 seconds; ask for 120 seconds. Be part of the post-production process so you can cut what needs to be cut without requiring reshoots.

Long-form content is taking center stage, so make sure to capitalize on the moment and set your long-form strategy up now!

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