The Top Influencer Marketing Agencies

There are a lot of agencies out there offering influencer marketing services, and picking the right partner is often the #1 determinant of success in driving results. 

Here are the top agencies across the key influencer marketing partner categories based on customer reviews, market presence, client case studies and notable publication rankings.

Best overall influencer marketing agency: Linqia

For brands and agencies looking for a full service partner to handle every aspect of crafting, executing and measuring influencer marketing campaigns, the top pick goes to Linqia. The company has been around for over a decade and has worked with over 650 brands across thousands of successful influencer programs. They have their own proprietary technology to make collaborating across stakeholders incredibly easy, and they provide robust wrap reports with detailed full funnel measurement of how the investment performed. For big brands looking to scale influencer marketing, this is the partner for you. 

best influencer marketing agency

Best self-service platform: CreatorIQ

For brands and agencies looking to execute their influencer marketing work in house, CreatorIQ is the top self service platform of the bunch. Having previously acquired one of the other top self service platforms in Tribe Dynamics, the combination is a powerful punch in enabling brands to execute their entire influencer strategies through a single platform. Their platform offers tools for campaign execution, reporting, and insights, and their influencer database includes over 20 million social media profiles across all social media platforms. 

The best influencer marketing agencies

Best affiliate marketing agency: LTK

Also known as, LTK has become the leading affiliate marketing platform to help brands and creators get the most out of their partnerships. The platform previously merged with rewardStyle (for those who remember that name), and was originally launched as a linking platform for influencers to share product and affiliate links with their community. They have since rebranded and expanded their functionality to be all things influencer affiliate marketing.

The best influencer marketing agencies

Best influencer discovery tool: HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor’s AI-powered discovery tool analyzes over 68M+ social media accounts across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and Twitter. Their filtering system and keyword queries allow for highly advanced ways of searching, and their influencer recruitment section provides several recruitment tools including lookalikes to find influencers with similar performance and interests, social listening to track mentions to spot potential brand ambassadors, influential customers to identify influencers who already use your products, and ambassador landing pages to create custom landing pages and lead-capture forms for influencers to fill out.

The best influencer marketing agencies

Best low cost influencer tool for small businesses: Heepsy

Heepsy is a global influencer search engine that enables brands to search for influencers based on demographics like niche, location, platform and more. The basic plan of $47/month makes it an incredibly cost efficient solution for brands who don’t need to conduct thousands of searches, and their robust influencer data set makes for simple and effective narrowing of the right influencer partners. They also offer the ability to contact influencers and other campaign management tools for those who need extra functionality.  

Now you have a playbook of best-in-class partners for any influencer marketing need. The key is understanding which category of partner is best suited for your ways of working, as each has very different specialties. 

If you would like to speak with an expert to understand which type of partner is right for you, click the Contact Us button at the top of the page, and an expert will be in your inbox setting up a time to connect shortly!

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