The 2022 Marketing Calendar: A Quick Inspiration Guide for Influencer Campaigns

The 2022 Marketing Calendar: A Quick Inspiration Guide for Influencer Campaigns

By Sarah Fruy, VP of Marketing

It’s never too late to plan ahead. 

As marketers, particularly in the always-on influencer marketing space, it often feels like we are stuck in a constant cycle of planning ahead. By the time major holidays show up, we’re already on to the next one and, likely, a few after that as well. Regardless of whether or not your yearly plan is fully baked, having a handy influencer marketing calendar nearby can be helpful to inspire a new campaign idea or social media series.

According to, we can celebrate 2,957 holidays each year – that’s over 8 holidays per day on average. At Linqia, we did the hard work and compiled a list of our favorites from the classics like Halloween (October 31st), to our favorite snacks with National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (August 4th), and rounded it out with some social media trends like National Selfie Day (June 21st). We also highlighted monthly themes including Black History Month in February and Cold and Flu Season in November. 

One of the reasons we love working with creators and influencers on social media is their ability to inspire us by taking a cue like a holiday theme and running with it. We pause in our feeds to drool over their latest recipes at Thanksgiving. We stop scrolling to wiggle along with their viral dance moves featuring tracks from the latest Grammy award winners. And we let the videos replay over and over again as they show us how to do all of it ourselves.

Focus on Holidays that Align with Your Brand Values

What holidays and seasonal themes you choose to focus on can say a lot about your brand, so pick wisely and be authentic. An exercise that can be helpful to gut-check the right themes is going through the process of personifying your brand. Suneera Madhani, CEO of Fattmerchant, calls this exercise “The Personality Challenge”. If your brand was a person, how would you describe them? Is there a famous celebrity/character who emulates this person? What would their favorite holiday be? How would they celebrate it? 

By working through simple exercises like this with your team or on your own, you should be able to quickly compile a list of ideas to add to your content calendar. You could also apply these results to your next campaign brief. Leveraging this characterized version of your brand can help you narrow your focus to find influencers who feel similar and can represent your brand in a genuine way.

Start planning your next campaign with the 2022 Marketing Calendar. If you don’t have time to pour over this calendar yourself, we’ve got a team of social media experts backed by AI-powered technology, who can produce a campaign strategy with guaranteed results. Contact us today to learn more.

April did not disappoint in the world of influencer marketing and the creator economy.