Takeaways from Influencer Marketing Show 2023

🚀Linqia had a great time this week at the Influencer Marketing Show 2023! Exciting developments in influencer marketing took center stage, and we’re sharing our top takeaways below ⬇️

🤳Creators and brands cannot be overly reliant on singular social platforms (or social platforms in general). Audiences need to be built across platforms and off platform as you never know what can happen.

🎨More creative influencer partnership models are going to become increasingly common. This may take the form of equity for smaller brands, revenue sharing on creator/product collabs, or a combo fixed fee + affiliate model.

💰Leveraging cost-effective UGC production and segmentation not only saves money but also generates diverse content. UGC adds authenticity, drives customer engagement, and cultivates meaningful connections. By incorporating UGC, brands can enhance their impact and cultural relevance in campaigns.

📈Extend influencer content beyond social media, incorporating it into email campaigns, category pages, and in-store signage. This has proven to result in higher click-through rates and open rates.

April did not disappoint in the world of influencer marketing and the creator economy.