Path to Purchase: How the Marketing Funnel is Evolving

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Welcome to the Linqia blog.

This will be the first in a series of posts that introduce Linqia’s philosophy and mission, while also sharing our insights into the fast-changing world of marketing. It is no secret that as consumers have turned to the internet, marketers have been forced to adapt their methods.

The marketing funnel used to be a fairly straightforward consumer path to purchase, from awareness, to interest, to desire, and ending in action. Now, the funnel has evolved, and as the internet constantly pulls customer attention in opposing directions, mobilizing customers into the top of the funnel is now one of the greatest challenges facing marketers.

But everyone still needs to be heard; brands, customers, and all those in between. So, in a situation where attention is the scarcest resource, how do you catapult your brand’s message through the clutter of content and grab a person’s attention?

The simple and intuitive answer is authentic storytelling. We understand the power and influence that a message takes on when it is encapsulated within a contextually meaningful story. A story will make a message come alive to the audience and draw them into the conversation. In fact, consumers will pay up to 6,000% more for items with stories associated with them.

Storytelling is also where the potential of influencers becomes enormous.

We know that influencers, are experts at crafting a relevant message for their audience and conveying it in a way that inspires action. It is the combination of engaging stories told and delivered by trusted influencers that not only reaches, but deeply impacts a person, moving them from a passing observer into the gateway of the purchasing funnel.

In upcoming posts we will dive deeply into the top of the marketing funnel, starting with the basics of the top of funnel and how it has changed over time. Our focus will be on marketing towards consumers, but we will frequently refer to the top of funnel tactics used in a B2B marketing funnel.  B2B marketers have used content marketing and storytelling effectively for decades, and as the average consumer grows more sophisticated and knowledge-hungry, we find that a lot can be gleaned from B2B funnel strategies.

Join us next week for Top of Funnel 101, where we will explain the basics of today’s new top of funnel.

April did not disappoint in the world of influencer marketing and the creator economy.