Research Report: Influencer Marketing During COVID-19

Survey Results from Leading Marketers on How the Pandemic Has Shifted Strategies and Plans

Marketers had to shift plans with the rise of COVID-19. New creative had to be created to go live in days, not months, and the media mix was evaluated and adjusted. Now, months into the pandemic, we wanted to hear from marketers on how their strategies have shifted and what they think the future holds for influencer marketing.

In our new report, we surveyed marketers and agency professionals across multiple industries including CPG, Food & Beverages, Media, Retail, and many more. It’s no surprise that 98% said the pandemic changed their marketing strategy for Q2 2020.

To better understand how it changed their strategy, we asked them a series of questions which we present in this new report including:

What are your top concerns right now in terms of how COVID-19 has impacted your marketing strategy?

What is the most important for your influencer marketing campaigns right now?


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