Linqia and Audiosocket partner to bring 80,000 licensed songs to influencer activations

Linqia and Audiosocket have announced a partnership to help brands navigate the complex world of music when working with influencers on social media. The duo is bringing a catalog of 80,000+ license free songs from trending indie bands and artists to all influencer campaigns run by Linqia partners. Linqia partners can leverage the benefits of the relationship to…

  1. Select from 80k+ Audiosocket songs for influencers to incorporate into their content
  2. Amplify the influencer content with paid media across social channels without cross platform music licensing issues
  3. Leverage the influencer content across the brands broader digital ecosystem without worrying about violating music licensing rights

The Linqia / Audiosocket partnership announcement comes on the heels of TikTok taking over Facebook as the world’s most downloaded app, with music being an integral part of the platform’s exploding popularity. A recent study conducted by research and analytic firms MRC Data and Flamingo showed that 75% of TikTok users say they discover new artists through TikTok, and 68% say they remember brands better when featuring songs in their videos.

The quality of music is a key differentiator for brands looking to stand out in a sea of content. Stock music often doesn’t meet the standards expected from leading creators, and Audiosocket’s catalog, featured by top brands such as Monster Energy, Amazon, Lexus & Disney+, gives Linqia partners access to a premium, diverse roster of original music that ensures brands don’t sound like everyone else on social.

Brands have also struggled to navigate the complex world of music licensing on social media, and the license protection nature of Linqia’s Audiosocket music catalog solves the problems many face with their influencer partnerships.

“Brands are trying to navigate the mercurial waters of copyright law, which is nerve racking,” says Jenn Anderson-Miller, CEO at Audiosocket. “Many don’t know or understand what music they are allowed to use and the proper usage rights when taking that music beyond the platform it originates on. This is especially true when they are not the one’s creating the content in the first place because it’s coming from their influencers.”

A major benefit of the Linqia partnership is that Linqia has secured the rights on behalf of it’s brands and influencers to use Audiosocket’s songs across all digital channels, eliminating this considerable risk to all parties.

“We are in a new era of music,” says Yak Germanian, VP of Creative Strategy at Linqia. “Brands need to make sure their partners are protecting them by keeping a finger on the pulse of laws pertaining to music usage rights. With our Audiosocket partnership, we make it easy for both influencers and brands to create content that can legally scale across platforms.”

April did not disappoint in the world of influencer marketing and the creator economy.