How Creator Content is Moving Beyond the Walls of Social

Creator content is breaking into new frontiers beyond social media, as brands start using content across their entire marketing ecosystem like programmatic display, digital out of home, online video, and even CTV. 

Wondering how 9×16 style content from TikTok, Reels, and Shorts can make it to the big screen? Check out these three primary ways Linqia is taking short-form video and making it big screen-ready.

Mirroring effect: This is the easiest and most common way to reformat vertical content for full screen. By darkening, blurring and zooming in on the main video, you can create a nice backdrop while still having the 9×16 content pop. Take this example from Denny’s!

Side banners: This is when the left and right panels of the video are designed, either with subtle brand colors or fully branded imagery, like this example from Kraft.

Fully animated: This is the most complex but oftentimes the most engaging of the three. Take the infamous Applebee’s commercial that went viral leveraging creator content, with every second of the video choreographed and animated to tell a new story.

If you don’t have a “beyond social” influencer strategy now is the time to create one! Creator content should be working as hard as possible to create value for your brand.

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