How are influencers adapting to COVID-19? [Survey Results]

Influencers and COVID-19

The shelter-in-place order for a majority of the United States during this coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact on virtually everyone. As more and more people are sitting at home, they are also spending more time online. 

Social media usage has skyrocketed tremendously with everyone staying inside and looking for new means of entertainment, digitally. In fact, TikTok saw a staggering 115.2 million installs worldwide in March, according to SensorTower

To get a better understanding of how social media influencers are adapting to COVID-19, and dealing with this new reality, we surveyed a collection of our own Linqia influencers.

When asked if they’re posting with the same frequency as they were a month before the pandemic, 56% of influencers say they are still posting just as much, while 44% are slowing down on posts.

When asked what types of content they’re posting, the majority of influencers responded that they’re posting helpful hints on working from home, or staying at home on social media. 26% of influencers that were surveyed said they aren’t posting about coronavirus at all.

Despite the impact of COVID-19, influencers are eager to work with brands! 98% of influencers surveyed said they’re open to running a new sponsored campaigns in the next 3-4 weeks with a brand. The vast majority would do any campaign, while 7% felt the campaign would need to help their audience in some way. Only 2% felt they didn’t want to do a campaign during this time. 

Of the influencers surveyed, 64% said they would like to participate in a pro-bono awareness campaign aimed at encouraging people how to be safe and stay healthy during this time. This shows that while some influencers are happy to help without being paid, others rely on campaigns for income.

In this time of uncertainty, it’s evident that the vast majority of influencers are eager to participate in sponsored campaigns to keep their feeds fresh with content, and generate an income. As brands continue formulating plans to accommodate this new reality, more and more campaigns will begin to come to fruition in order to get their new messaging, products, or delivery options to consumers.

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