Advertising Week 2023: How Brands Infiltrate Culture in the Age of Social

We’re thrilled to share the insights from our recent session at Advertising Week 2023 🌟

Linqia had the pleasure of hosting a panel featuring industry experts Keith Bendes, Finola Austin, and mega creator Haley Kalil (@haleyybaylee, 7M followers), who shared their wisdom on “How Brands Infiltrate Culture in the Age of Social.” 

Here’s a snapshot of our top 3 takeaways: 

🎯 Solve real problems: Craft your influencer strategies around real consumer tensions expressed in the existing social conversation. Don’t chase every trend, but create content that connects with social culture. 

📌 Know your partners: Brands and agencies should know their creator partners style and voice before reaching out. The more you reference previous posts and things that are important to the creator from their content the better. 

💰 Paid media matters: Paid media is a pivotal part of building momentum and ensuring your content reaches the right people at the right time. Make sure your creator partnerships include media rights, and don’t be afraid to take that content outside the walls of social. 

Missed the session or want to relive the moment?

Watch the Sesion Here

April did not disappoint in the world of influencer marketing and the creator economy.