It’s fun, it’s colorful, and it lets everyone know you are a proud Linqia influencer! But did you know all the other amazing things that the Linqia badge does? We’re here to help explain them all!

  1. Referral bonuses. When you choose a badge that shows the Linqia logo (not an invisible badge), your readers can click on it and be sent to your unique referral page. Fellow influencers that apply (and are accepted) to Linqia from your site will count as your referral, earning you $5 per accepted blog along with a 15% commission once they’ve participated in their first Linqia program!
  2. Audience demographics. Not only does the badge highlight Linqia on your page, it also collects audience demographics from your linked Facebook page. This gives you an extra advantage for program consideration as it signals to the brands and ISM team which programs would be a great fit for you and your audience.
  3. Audience data. The Linqia badge also collects audience data from your blog traffic, which again makes you stand out to a brand that would like to partner with you based off of the unique demographic makeup of your audience.

From updating your social channels, guiding referrals, and collecting your audience demographics, the Linqia badge will provide your blog with recognition and help increase your program offering rate. Display your Linqia badge and you’ll start to see programs come in that are more relevant to you and your community!