The new year is approaching and many of us are thinking about our goals for 2018. At Linqia, we know that many influencers’ goals involve improving their blog and online presence, so we are here to help! To help you jumpstart your resolutions, we’ve gathered insights from various programs in 2017. Here are 5 of our top tips to step up your blog and social posts in 2018.

1. Blog Title Benefits

Talk about the benefits of the product in your title without naming the brand. This proved to be an effective way to maximize engagement on the FIJI Water campaign. Titles like “The Perfect On-The-Go Thirst Solution” framed blog stories as beneficial to audiences (as opposed to seeming like you are trying to sell something). Influencers who used this method when titling their posts saw 11x higher engagement on their blog stories and over-delivered by 46% on their clicks.

Letters to Ever

2. People Make the Picture

For Unilever’s Hydrate & Glow program, top performing influencers on Instagram whose photos featured a human element saw a 19% increase in engagements compared to influencers that featured the products only. For example, Raising Whasians shared a photo of her and her daughter bonding over her beauty routine, inspiring 1.8x more engagement compared to the program average.

Gentri Lee

3. Recipes Drive Results

Influencers on the Quest Nutrition program that featured the Quest Cinnamon Toast Crunch Protein Powder as a staple in their recipes, from waffles to smoothie bowls, drove 4.2x higher engagement per blog story and saw a 76% increase in clicks compared to those who did not feature a recipe. Sharing a recipe shows your audience how easy it is to create the amazing dish you shared in your story, and inspires your audience to go out and try the product for themselves.

Jar of Lemons

4. Showcase Product Versatility

Your audience will be more engaged with a post that features the product being used in several different ways. By providing more options, it is more likely your audience will find a way to relate the product to their own life. One method that maximized engagement on the Uniqlo campaign was to include photography of multiple outfits in one or two blog stories. These stories demonstrated Uniqlo’s versatility and provide concrete examples of the value their staple pieces had for an on-the-go lifestyle. When influencers fatured 2+ outfits, there was 2.6x higher engagement per blog story and 45% of the influencers over-delivered on their projected clicks! Check out The Styled Seed’s two blog stories featuring her Uniqlo outfits!

The Styled Seed

5. Effective Structure of a Facebook Post

For our program with Dorot, influencers who created the most shareable Facebook posts all had the same components:

  • Interactive content (Facebook carousel or original video)
  • Highlighted Dorot or a specific benefit about Dorot
  • Shared both the link to their recipe (blog story) and program landing page

On average, influencers who did all three saw 33% of their Facebook engagements come from shares,1.6x more than the program’s average. Specifically, Casey & Alix of Two City Vegans shared a post around their Herbed Macaroni & Cheese with 3 photos and exclaimed how you simply “pop” Dorot in. Their creative efforts resulted in 47% of their Facebook engagements coming from shares.

Two City Vegans