Linqia is continuously upgrading our platform and processes to give our influencers the best sponsored program opportunities. We’ve updated two sections of our platform to improve the Linqia experience and comply with influencer marketing regulations.

Disclosure Images

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) now demands that all influencers place a disclosure of sponsorship message at the top of sponsored posts and the beginning of all sponsored content, including before links in social media posts. We’ve updated the platform to include new influencer instructions that clearly state how to put the customary disclosure image at the top of blog posts. If you’re working with sponsored videos, please include a slide with identical text at the very beginning of the video.

As for your social posts, make sure you’re using the words #sponsored or #ad before your link. Abbreviated versions like #spon are not acceptable.


You can now link your Snapchat account to your Linqia profile. Linking  all of your social media channels to your profile gives Linqia’s Influencer Success Team the best measure of your audience size, a crucial factor in choosing program participants. While no one can currently place links in Snapchat stories or snaps, it’s still a good idea to have your Snapchat linked  in case a brand requires their program participants to be Snapchat users.


Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to develop the Linqia platform and our program processes. If you aren’t a Linqia influencer, join today to start collaborating with great brands.