You may have noticed something different when you log into Linqia. We are excited to announce the new Linqia Performance Platform! While you’ve been rocking sponsored programs, we’ve been building a platform to enhance and challenge the current influencer marketing landscape while offering our influencers new tools and comprehensive access to their performance data.

With Linqia Performance Platform, you’ll find new features such as:

  • A newly redesigned user interface and influencer dashboard.
  • New program invitations and methods of opt-in.
  • An updated Linqia badge that tracks monthly blog traffic and visitor data.
  • Features that help ensure FTC disclosure on blog posts.
  • AI-driven sentiment analysis that lets brands know how their message is being received in market.
  • Live stream of content being shared for the program across blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube, as well as the number of engagements.

The Linqia Performance Platform uses machine learning to analyze influencer content, determine brand affinity, and identify patterns that can predict an influencer’s success based on the brand’s goals.

Linqia Performance Platform FAQs

You may have a few questions about the new platform, so here are a few FAQs that might help you out.

Help! I can’t get my profile completion score up to 100%!

In order to get a completion score of 100%, make sure you authorize all 7 of your social channels. We know that many influencers likely don’t have an account on all 7 social channels, so we’re working on changing the way this is calculated.

For the time being though, don’t worry about your actual score – what matters most is that you have all of your personal/demographic information filled out in your profile settings (e.g., gender, location, whether you have kids and how old they are, etc.). Our Influencer Success Managers select influencers based on these criteria for a program, not based on profile completion score, so as long as this info is filled out you’ll be eligible for relevant programs!

Check out our article “How To Update My Influencer Profile” for more details and a step-by-step guide.

My badge won’t show that it’s validated – how can I implement it correctly?

When you try to validate the badge in your Linqia dashboard, we check the page source code on your site domain (e.g., to look for one of the 4 possible badge codes possibly implemented (Premium, Simple, Modern, or Invisible).

If you are repeatedly getting an error, check that your blog URL in your Linqia account settings matches the URL where your badge is placed on your site. Once you’ve checked that these match, try validating again and let us know if you’re still getting an error!

First, Log in to your Linqia account and click on your profile avatar at the top right of the screen and choose “Settings” from the drop down menu.

Then, select “Channels” and look at the URL in the box titled “Blog or Community URL”

If the page URL that your badge is on has a different URL from what is in this box, change it and then try validating again

Where is my link?

You will only be able to find your link in the new Linqia Performance Platform once your program has launched.

  1. Log in to your account and go to your Dashboard
  2. Click on the “Active Programs” box and click on the program you would like to grab an link for
  3. Your link will be located right under your disclosure image

Check out our article “Where To Find My Unique Tracking Links” for more details and a step-by-step guide.

Where is my referral link?

Your referral link is located in the “Referrals” tab in the sidebar to the left of your account page. You can also place a Linqia badge that is not invisible on your blog that potential candidates can click on to be delivered to your unique referral page!

  1. Log in to your account and go to your Referral tab
  2. Your unique referral URL is located here, as well as your referral history and earnings

Check out our article “How To Find My Referral Link” for more details and a step-by-step guide.

Accepting Invitations: Confirmed, Interested, and Waitlisted

The Linqia Performance Platform offers a new feature where influencers can confirm themselves for certain programs. When you receive a program invite and click through for more information, the top right of every invitation will have a button that says either “Confirm Me”, “Interested”, or “Join Waitlist”.

Influencers can only confirm themselves for the first few spots in a program, so remember to act fast when you are offered a program that’s a perfect match!  

Once the influencer-confirmed spots fill up, you can mark your interest in the program, and the program ISM will either confirm or waitlist you.

If the program fills to the designated program metrics, the system will only offer the “Join Waitlist” option, but don’t lose hope! Many waitlisted influencers are still chosen for the program.

How do I accept my program after launch?

You no longer have to accept a program in your dashboard. Once you are confirmed and the program launches you will be able to see all program content as well as the disclosure and your links!

If you have any other questions regarding the new Linqia Performance platform, don’t hesitate to reach out to!