To continue providing inspiration and ideas to our community of Linqia influencers, we recently launched Linqia Inspired, a family of social channels across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The pages are designed to share, highlight, and amplify the best influencer content from Linqia’s range of influencer marketing programs.

By following Linqia Inspired, you’ll have fresh, beautiful influencer-generated content delivered straight to your feed. Use these channels for inspiration on your Linqia programs or to check out what your fellow influencers have created recently.

We have profiles for a variety of verticals – Food, Style, Parent, Lifestyle, and Wallet – so follow the ones that fit you best!

Twitter: @insprdfood

Facebook: Inspired Food


Twitter: @insprdlifestyle

Facebook: Inspired Lifestyle


Twitter: @insprdwallet

Facebook: Inspired Wallet

Instagram: @insprd.wallet

Twitter: @insprdstyle

Facebook: Inspired Style


Twitter: @insprdparent

Facebook: Inspired Parent

Instagram: @insprd.parent