Your Influencer Success Manager (ISM) and Brand Success Manager (BSM) are always there to help when you have a question! From updating your click milestone to detailing where to find the program product, the ISMs and BSMs have your back. However, they both serve different roles during the span of a program so there are certain times and situations when it is best to contact one over the other.

The Influencer Success Manager (ISM)

ISMs are in charge of filling programs with influencers best fit to succeed on a program and who also match the brand’s target influencer and audience. Here are four times you should be reaching out to your ISM:

  1. Program Requests: If you are looking for a program or would like to be put on certain types of programs, let your ISM know! Ex: you keep receiving fashion programs but are interested in being on a food program.
  2. Program Availability: If you are taking a break from blogging, on vacation, or have a period of time where you are unable to participate in programs, contact your ISM. This gives them a heads up that you are temporarily unavailable for programs so you don’t receive invitations you can’t accept. But don’t forget to let your ISM know when you’re back and ready for more, so that the ISM team can begin offering programs when you return instead of thinking you have become uninterested in working with Linqia.
  3. Program Requirements: If you are confused or need clarification on the program brief, ask your ISM before you accept. Common questions include program dates, event information, or video requirements.
  4. Program Edits and Corrections: If you see that your click milestone is incorrect, ask your ISM about updating it before you are confirmed for your next program. This will ensure that you are paid the right amount at completion.

The Brand Success Manager (BSM)

While ISMs work with influencers pre-program, the BSM takes over once the program launches. BSMs work with the brand to identify the goals for the program and ensure the influencers are on the right track to meeting and exceeding them. The BSMs can answer specific, post-launch questions such as:

  1. Program Details: If you have any questions about the program such as product specifications, aesthetic preferences in photo quality, or the correct spelling of the brand name, contact your BSM directly.
  2. Program Extensions: We understand that things come up and you might need more time to complete your blog post for the program. Rather than simply delivering a tardy post, contact your BSM to coordinate a new blog post due date – you won’t be penalized for asking for an extension!
  3. Program Compensation: If you have any questions related to your compensation, reach out to your BSM directly. Common questions include the date and amount of payment and clarification if there is a delay. Your BSM will gladly answer any questions you have regarding current and future compensation.

The ISM and BSM teams are both dedicated to your success as a Linqia influencer. Knowing who to contact ensures that your questions are addressed sooner so you can continue kicking butt in your program! As a rule of thumb, remember that it’s best to reach out to the ISMs pre-program and the BSMs post-launch. If you have any questions not related to the scenarios above, ISMs are always available at