Longer days, warmer nights, easy living — summer is on its way! To help illustrate what makes this time of year so special, we asked asked around for some tips on how to write the perfect summer story. From incorporating seasonal flavors to getting outdoors for golden hour, our expert influencers know how to soak up the summer.

1. Plan It Out

“Go in with a plan before you take a single photo. For example, before I shoot a cocktail styled blog post, I sketch out what the set styling will look like. A plan is especially important in the summer when you’re working with ingredients that might be more likely to melt! Have a plan and you’ll find your images are more organized, cohesive, and a much higher quality!” – Sarah of Venus Trapped In Mars

2. Hit the Road

“Hit the road! You don’t have to travel far to get in a good summer adventure! Some of my favorite trips have been only a couple hours from my front door. Explore your local national park, visit a historic neighboring city, or act like a tourist in your own town. You’ll love how the experiences unlock your creativity and give you great photo opportunities you don’t get every day!” – Gentri of Gentri Lee

3. Get Outdoors

“Get outdoors! They really said it best in Greece – summer days drift into summer nights and it’s light out until about 9:30pm. You’ve got a lot of extra daylight after work hours so there’s no excuse not to take your story outside to a beach, a park, or even your backyard. Your story will be way more interesting and photos higher quality if you move from your living room to outside.” – Kara of Whimsy Soul

4. Paint a Picture

“I love painting a mental picture to describe my favorite seasonal memory or scene. For example, ‘When the tree outside my window burst into pink blossoms’ Or ‘Every now and then, a soft breeze blows the petals away.’ For my post about Dorot, I wanted to properly welcome the season with some refreshing Mango Sorbet laced with the insanely fragrant Dorot Chopped Basil. Like reading a book, re-imagining what your idea of summer looks like might just put your readers in the mood to get started on celebrating the best of what the season offers.” – Tina of Love Is In My Tummy

5. Use Seasonal Staples

“Use natural seasonal staples to reflect the happiness of summer time! Take fun action shots with water elements. Highlight fresh produce and delicious frozen treats. Savor the extra light that comes with longer days and use it to capture memories on camera. And always remember, summer stories should be a direct reflection of you — bright and beautiful!” – Missy of Pink Pistachio

6. Add A Touch Of Light

“I love creating a lighter feel when the season transitions to spring and summer. This includes using flowers as garnish, a lighter backdrop, and brighter lighting! I also warm things up when the season transitions to fall and winter by using darker backgrounds and a muting my lighting a little bit.” – Christine of Jar Of Lemons

7. Look for Natural Light

“Brighten things up! Look for natural light for your photoshoots and take advantage of it. Find colorful, peppy props that really bring out the vibrant summer season. Infuse the flavors of summer into your posts through sweet fruits, floral notes, and tropical ingredients. But, most of all – have fun with it!” – Gabriella of By Gabriella

8. Keep It Simple

“Summer is all about fun, simplicity and the outdoors. Take your story to the outdoors and just have fun. Work with what you’ve got and make the most out of it!” – Tiffany of Arrows & Awe