As September winds down, many of us are already starting to see the leaves fall and a bit of a chill hanging in the air. Store shelves are brimming with candy and costumes and a certain infamous spiced latte is back in stock.

You guessed it, FALL is here! Our brand partners are especially excited to celebrate this time of the year with influencers, so we’ve decided to share some tips for you to ace any fall-themed program that comes your way!

Pulled from the Linqia archives, dusted off, and chock-full of great ideas, here are five blog stories that do an excellent job of capturing the autumn spirit. From Halloween costumes to cozy spiced treats and leafy decorations, our influencers know how to do fall right!

1. Let your audience in on your best kept costume secrets

What child doesn’t love Halloween? When picking out a costume with her daughter, Sarah of In the Know Mom went to Party City for its huge costume selection. She was able to find the perfect SpongeBob ensemble and also created a DIY Chum Bucket to complete the costume. Sharing your favorite DIY Halloween costume is also a great way to engage an audience that is looking for easy and creative Halloween props for the kiddos or themselves!

“This gal needs a little frill, so when I suggested the “boy” SpongeBob shirt, she looked at me like I had a second head. That’s when the tutu idea came about. Party City has a huge selection of tutus for kids and adults, so finding a red tutu was no sweat.”

2. Turn a normal day into a fun fall event

Halloween gets a lot of attention during this time of the year, but Shadi of Unicorns in the Kitchen shows her audience how to turn a regular fall day into a cozy afternoon party with tea, savory sandwiches, and pumpkin cookies for dessert, all of which she found at her local Stop & Shop. While throwing an afternoon tea party might sound intimidating, Shadi tells her audience how to set it up while only going to one store.

“In Boston, I like to do my party shopping at Stop & Shop because they have everything I need in one store. They have all these Limited Time Originals that are pumpkin flavored and so fun! I got these delicious Pumpkin Cookies with Cheesecake Filling that paired very well with tea.”

3. Take the fear out of decorating for Halloween

Who says decorating for Halloween has to be a long and complicated process? Sara Hoffman of Major Hoff Takes a Wife shares how a few simple decorations can go a long way to create a spooky Halloween atmosphere. She does a great job featuring the program product, Yankee Candle, in her space and effortlessly weaves it in with decorations she already owns.

“I decided I would utilize our dining room buffet this year solely for Halloween. I thought I would show you how easy it was to style, and how you only need a few items. I’m all about easy peasy! … The Halloween Decor adds such a fun touch, and a lighted wick always adds to the ambiance!”

4. Share creative, budget friendly costume tips

Jess of A Million Moments shows her audience how Party City helped her create a great children’s costume while still staying under budget. While Party City had a huge selection to get the base of her daughter’s costume ready, she notes that they still had plenty of accessories to add DIY touches while still remaining budget friendly.

“There are a few stores that I would consider “staples” when it comes to costume supplies, and at the top of that list is Party City. They have a great selection of ready-made costumes, but they also have a HUGE offering of items for piecing together your own costumes and Halloween looks. The price point is great, and there are tons of accessories, wigs and wearables in every theme and color imaginable.”

5. Teach your audience how to throw an impromptu Halloween party

Amanda of Big Family Blessings gives her audience tips on how to take the stress out of throwing an impromptu Halloween party while involving her daughters in the party planning and setup process. Her local Martin’s Super Market had everything she needed to teach her girls how to make simple party treats for their guests that were eye-catching and pumpkin themed.

“My children love to plan seasonal parties. But this week, my to do list was huge suitcases to unpack, laundry to do, work to finish, and a packed calendar too. So, when my girls started brainstorming a Halloween gathering it was all I could do not to nix the idea immediately. Instead, I handed party planning, prep, and clean up over to my girls.”