Advice from fellow influencers is always helpful, but this month we’ve asked our very own Linqia Brand Success Managers (BSMs) to share some of tips and insights they’ve learned while working directly with our brand partners!

When asked what brands are looking for, one of our BSMs replied, “Brands want to know which influencers drive the most clicks or engagements, as well as what the top performing pieces of content are.” The benefit of being a top performer? Brands often ask to work with these influencers again in future programs.

So how can you become one of the influencers that drives the most clicks and engagements? Read on for our BSMs most effective tips that can help boost your performance on any Linqia program!

1. Recipes are the key to the heart

Recipes receive considerably more engagements than traditional posts. Draw your readers in with beautiful photography of a delicious-looking dish or cocktail, like Jessica of Coffee & Crayons did for her Agavero Liqueur post, then share the recipe so your audience can bring your stunning creation into their own homes!

2. Listicle posts are your best friend

Listicles (ex: 5 Places to Visit in San Francisco) garner more engagements because your readers will immediately know what to expect from your story. It organizes your post into an easy to digest piece of content that can also be visually stunning and informative. Esther and Jacob of Local Adventurer created a great list-style blog post for their See Monterey program!

3. Tis’ the season… for success!

Create posts that show off your favorite things about the current season. For example, during winter your readers will be looking for gift inspiration and recipe ideas for the holidays. For her Thymes Candle program, Jess of A Million Moments created a holiday gift basket featuring a gingerbread donut recipe to go with her gingerbread-scented Thymes candle!

4. Get crafty with it

DIY and craft posts are a sure-fire way to see increased engagement. People often search the web to learn a specific skill, and will be extremely happy when they find a source that can help them achieve their DIY dreams! Amanda of Crafts by Amanda showed her readers how to build these beautiful fairy houses from recycled bottles for her PepsiCo Recycle Rally program, and received amazing amounts of engagement on the video she created showing the process!


5. Pinned and proper

Use text overlay and collages to create pre-made pins to embed in your blog story. This gives your audience an easy way to share your content. Mary Ella of Mod Med created a beautiful pin which she placed at the beginning of her story for the French Ministry of Agriculture program, making it easily shareable by her readers.

6. Link it up

Place your link in your Instagram bio for higher visibility during a program. It is important to use your link as much as possible across your social channels and in your blog story as all valid traffic from your posts to the brand’s landing page are driven through these links. Linqia influencers are compensated based on the amount of traffic they drive, so correct placement and usage of links is the most effective way to maximize your earnings with Linqia. Check out this Support Center article detailing best practices when using your link!

At the end of the day, our BSMs recommend creating content that you are passionate about that also provides value to your audience. They leave you with this piece of advice to keep top of mind:

“Think about things that interest you when you are online and what compels you to click through. For example, around Halloween parents are looking for DIY costume ideas and spooky themed snacks for school or at home entertaining. Create content that is relevant to trending topics or ideas, or useful to your audience.”