At Linqia, we pride ourselves in matching influencers with brands they love. However, there may be times when you are approached with an opportunity that you might be unsure about accepting. What do you do when this happens? Here are a few ways to tell if a program is a good fit with your personal brand.

When to Accept a Sponsored Program

The easy answer is to accept a program when you are a fan of the brand or if it’s a natural fit for your content. For example, maybe you already use the product or have been wanting to try it. But this isn’t the only time you should opt in. Even if you have not featured a certain type of story (fashion, recipes, or DIY), if you are still open to challenging yourself and think your audience would benefit from the content, this is also a good sign to accept the program.

When to Decline a Sponsored Program

If the program is truly not a fit – for example, you are offered a wine program but do not drink alcohol – please decline. Declining a program does not hurt your chances of receiving future programs. Instead, when declined properly, it helps the ISM team learn more about you so they can offer more relevant programs in the future.

Here is how to properly decline a program.

  1. When declining, it is important to always give a reason why. First, click the No Thanks link at the bottom of the program invitation.
  2. You will then be taken to a page where you can choose why the program was not a fit. This step in the declination process is very important because it lets the ISM know what types of programs to offer you in the future. Don’t be shy! You can also send your ISM an email further detailing why the program was not a great fit and what you would prefer to be invited to in the future.

Remember, declining an invite is better than ignoring it. If the ISM sees that you have not responded to several invitations in a while without giving a reason why, they will not know how to offer you a program that is a better fit and will assume you are no longer interested in working with Linqia.

If you are unable to participate in programs for a while, feel free to let your ISM know by contacting and informing them of when you would like to continue receiving invitations. While the team enjoys hearing when influencers are excited about new program offers, they are just as thankful for proper declinations as it is a great help in improving the influencer experience at Linqia.