Need a little help navigating your Linqia dashboard? Whether it’s your first Linqia program or you’re a Linqia veteran, below are 5 things your dashboard offers and where to find them. These handy tips will help you master your experience and be the guru of your dashboard!

1. Links 

In order to get compensated for your Linqia program, you’ll need to locate your links, which link back to program landing pages and other brand assets. links are used to track your performance for each program, serving as your main form of compensation. To find these, navigate to “Program Content” under your program Control Panel. For a more indepth guide, check out the “Where To Find My Unique Tracking Links ( Links)” support article.

2. Disclosure Image 

Did you know that if you aren’t including proper disclosure per the FTC Guidelines in your program blog story, you may be subject to penalties from the FTC? Luckily, there is a disclosure image readily available in your dashboard that you can place at the top of every Linqia sponsored post you write to ensure compliance. To find your disclosure image, navigate to your program Control Panel where you can edit and copy the code under the “Program Content” section.

3. Linqia Influencer Badge

Your Linqia badge not only lets your community know you are a part of our platform, but it also serves as a referral link! Members of your audience can click on your badge to reach your referrer landing page where they can register for the Linqia platform. For every referral you send our way, you earn $5 as well as 15% of the earnings on their first program. For more information on installing your Liniqa badge, check out the “How To Install My Linqia Badge” support article.

4. Program Content 

The beauty of Linqia is the freedom with which you can write your blog stories. During each program, you will be provided with program content from the brand. This content will help guide the writing process for your blog story and serve as inspiration for your creative thinking! Program content can be found in the Control Panel section of your program dashboard.

5. Profile Information 

In order to be better matched with programs, it is important to fill out your profile as thoroughly as possible. This includes linking your social channels, updating your demographics, and ensuring that your contact information is up to date. This can be updated by navigating to the top right corner of your dashboard and clicking Options > Account Settings.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to your program Brand Success Manager or the Influencer Success Team at!