Videos aren’t they only way to bring your Linqia program to life! Short, sweet, and dynamic content like GIFs and Boomerangs are just as effective in grabbing your audience’s attention. In fact, movable content on past Linqia programs have generated up to 4.4x more shares per post than the average!

Easy, mobile-friendly, and great for showing (not telling!) a story, GIFs and Boomerangs allow you to creatively showcase a product in a way that resonates with your following.


Example: calivintage for eve mattress

A GIF, or “Graphics Interchange Format,” is a quick and visually compelling graphic that brings life to static images. While there are plenty of GIFs floating around the internet, real creativity comes into play when creating a GIF of your own for your sponsored Linqia program.

Original GIFs are not only entertaining, but they’ve also proven to increase engagement and shareability. On a program promoting Genuine Thermos Brand Shaker Bottle, influencers who created a video or a GIF to show a visual step-by-step drove nearly 20% of overall engagements and 34% of total blog engagements. Similarly, on a past Nature Valley cereal program, From ABCs to ACTs’ GIF of the featuring the product drove nearly 30% more engagement than those whose posts only included images of the product. Looking to enhance engagements for yourself? Create a GIF using the following tips!

Follow These Tips

1. Share Your Process: Your GIF should clearly show the process of what you’re doing. Whether your visual aims to capture how you create a recipe or unbox a package, let your GIF do the talking so you don’t have to.2. Stay Focused & Consistent: Ensure that the frames of your GIF are taken in the same lighting and scale, so that your final product is as seamless as possible. If needed, use a tripod to to keep your image steady.

2. Stay Focused & Consistent: Ensure that the frames of your GIF are taken in the same lighting and scale, so that your final product is as seamless as possible. If needed, use a tripod to to keep your image steady.

3. End In The Position You Started: For a perfectly looping GIF, you’ll want to start and end your frames in identical positions. Keep this in mind when creating both a GIF video andGIF photo slideshow.

4. When Creating a GIF From a Video: Use  Giphy GIF Maker to easily convert your original video into a GIF. The GIF Maker allows you to convert both video files and YouTube links by selecting exactly which points in the video you want to capture.

5. When Creating a GIF From Photos: Use Giphy Slideshow or to stitch together a series of photos in a quick, GIF slideshow. Customize your GIF by selecting the order of your photos, the canvas size, the speed of transitions, and the number of times your GIF should loop.


While Boomerangs are widely considered to be Instagram’s response to GIFs, Boomerangs differ from GIFs in a variety of ways. Boomerangs are high-quality mini videos created by quickly snapping up to 20 frames, which Boomerang then stitches together in a sequence that plays back and forth in a loop.

Create a Boomerang of your own by downloading the Boomerang app or creating it directly through Instagram when creating an Instagram Story. When sharing through the app, your Boomerang will save as an MV4 file, which you can upload to Instagram and Facebook or on other websites like Snapchat and Tumblr.

Follow These Tips

1. Keep It Simple: The beauty of Boomerangs is that they don’t have to be elaborate! While GIFs thrive as how-to’s and step-by-steps, even the simplest motion can become an entrancing Boomerang.

2. Start and End in Different Positions: Since Boomerangs play in a loop, you should finish your video is a different spot than you started. Release the shutter button at the height of your action for maximum effect. Decide ahead of time which action you want to capture, and highlight that!

3. Give It a Few Tries: Since the timing of your Boomerang needs to be spot on for best results, shoot a few takes. You may find that your third or fourth attempt is the best one!

4. Use Boomerang’s Secret Settings: After you’ve downloaded the Boomerang app, unlock its secret setting by tapping the screen quickly with four fingers. The secret settings menu allows you to adjust video resolution, frame count, frame rate, and how the Boomerang repeats.

5. When Sharing to Your Instagram Story:In addition to creating Boomerangs directly through Instagram Stories, you can also convert a live photo taken in the last 24 hours into a Boomerang in Stories, too! You can do it by selecting the “Normal” camera screen in Stories, swiping up to select your recent photos, and selecting the photo you want to use. After pressing down on the screen, a small circle and the word “Boomerang” will appear.

GIFs and Boomerangs adds an element of creativity to your content that hooks your audience and impresses the brands sponsoring your work. Include a GIF or Boomerang on your next sponsored blog post to display your personality, quickly communicate your message, and bring your story to life!

Here are more examples from our programs for you to enjoy!