Spring is on the horizon! And with the spring season comes sunshine and… spring cleaning. To help you brighten your blog and settle into the season, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you improve your program performance courtesy of your fellow influencers and past programs about spring cleaning.

While these examples highlight spring cleaning program success, the tips are applicable for any program regardless of the season. Read on to see how Linqia influencers have mastered the art of telling a story creatively, effectively, and authentically.

1. Stay Specific

When crafting your blog post, remember that stories about a specific task or topic keep your writing focused, cohesive, and effective. For example, in our “Springtime Means Cleantime” program with Lemi Shine cleaning products, we found that influencers who shared stories focused on a specific task, like cleaning the dishwasher or bathroom, inspired 2.2X more engagements than family chore ideas or general tips.

You can keep your story specific by structuring it as a “how-to” post. During the Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner program, “how-to” posts saw 30% more engagements per blog story and 150% more engagements on social posts than other formats. Whether writing about your experience rearranging the closet or deep cleaning the kitchen, remember that staying specific yields maximum engagement impact.

2. Keep it Quick 

You’re busy, your readers are busy, so it’s likely that you prefer  tasks, recipes, or crafts that don’t consume an entire day.  Influencers in the Bona program highlighted the products’ time-effectiveness, using key phrases like “10 minutes” in their blog story titles. The tactic drove an average of 30% more engagement than influencers whose titles focused on easy household cleaning or maintaining hardwood floors. For higher engagement, anchor your story on something that fits into your busy lifestyle.

3. Listicles Are Your Best Friend

Lists are a great way to make your point concisely and keep your thoughts organized. Plus, they’re scannable, which makes your content easy to digest for readers who are in a hurry or on-the-go. During last year’s program with BISSELL’s carpet cleaners, we found that influencers who incorporated a spring cleaning checklist drove 4X more engagements than those without a listicle. Similarly, influencers saw incredible success when organizing their seasonal story around a listicle during the “Upgrade Your Everyday” program with Fab.com, a design-focused online retailer. Influencers with the highest engagement rates shared list-style posts about simple ways to upgrade a space with Fab items.

The impact of listicles extends far beyond the program’s duration as listicles are highly shareable content that continues to drive nearly 2x more post-program clicks after the program ends.

4. Incorporate Printables, Crafts, & DIYs

Creative crafts and DIYs are not only entertaining, but also inspire your visitors to replicate the fun themselves! If you’re looking for a creative way to boost your clicks and engagements, we recommend incorporating a quick, quirky printable that your audience can save for later. The Lemi Shine  program revealed that influencers who created a printable of their cleaning tips on drove 1.8X greater blog engagements than those who did not offer a printable. Whether your story focuses on cleaning or crafting, stay creative by including a printable or DIY project to make the task more exciting and keep your audience on track.

5. Highlight a Seasonal Trend

Tailor the story for your audience by highlighting a seasonal trend. While the brands you work with are likely great to use year-round, crafting a story around the season makes it more relatable. For example, during the Baxter of California program, influencers that incorporated their Baxter product review into an authentic post about spring grooming advice or bathroom redecoration tips drove 6X more engagement than those who focused solely on the product.

No matter what the product is, we recommend dressing it up in a seasonal theme that resonates with your audience. In addition to increased engagement and an authentic story, the format allows you to seamlessly integrate the product with the rest of your content.

Check out these blogging tips in action! Here are 6 examples of influencers who knocked their spring cleaning posts out the park by incorporating the tips above.

Life’s Little Sweets for LemiShine

Tabler Party of Two for BISSELL

Cottage and Vine for Bona

Pink Pistachio for Monrovia

Thou Swell for Baxter of California