Facebook recently announced that it will demote individual posts from people and pages that use engagement bait, which includes asking for likes, shares, clicks and comments. Common examples of engagement bait include posts similar to, “Like this if you love mac and cheese!” or “Share this if you agree!” or “Comment ‘YES’ if this sounds like you!” As a result, influencers that post this type of content hurt their chances of reaching their click milestone as well as their opportunity to increase their earnings with Linqia.  

In answer to this change, we’ve put together some tips on how to create content on that will drive authentic engagement. Here are 3 best practices on how to create effective organic content on Facebook that will ensure your posts, page visibility, and potential earnings aren’t affected by this change!

  1. Inspire Authentic Engagement – Instead of blatantly asking for engagement, interact with your audience in a way that inspires authentic conversations. For example, ask a relevant question (“What’s the secret to your beauty routine?”), request a few recommendations (“Help! Need some ideas for my next DIY project”), or tell a story they can relate to (“I can’t be the only one who’s had to improvise ingredients while in the middle of a recipe…”). Remember to engage with your audience members once your post is live. It doesn’t take much time to respond to your commenters, and your efforts will be rewarded with audience loyalty and continued dialogue with future posts.
  2. Create Inspiring Imagery – Grab your audience’s attention with a beautiful image. For an added kick, add a photo carousel or video to your post. Posts that contain a video garner 3.4x more engagements on average. Check out Olive & Ivy’s Facebook post for Absolut Elyx. Her post features a collage of various shots of her custom cocktail with the Absolut Elyx bottle, and garnered her engagements as well as shares.
  3. Share Useful Content – If your Facebook post is useful to your audience, they are more likely to engage and share it with friends and family. Think of problems that you have faced and the creative ways you have solved them. Then write headlines that clearly let your audience know what solution you’re offering. For example, XO Kerry shared this Facebook post for Happy Family Yogurt saying, “How many times a day do you hear the word snack?! I can’t even keep track! I shared all of our snack time favorites on the blog today. Including the new Happy Family whole milk yogurt pouches that I found out Target!”  Her caption relates familiar struggles to fellow parents and offers up her own trusted snack time ideas.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Influencer Success Team at community@linqia.wpengine.com!