In the world of influencer marketing, blogging is key. In fact, 45% of marketers selected blogging as their most important content. When brands come to Linqia, they’re looking for influencers who know how to tell a powerful story, one that can inspire an audience to take action. The best influencers are the ones whose blog stories receive regular engagement from both current followers and new fans.

Are you looking for new ways to increase your blog engagement? Put these 6 tried and true tools to the test!

Quick Pinning To Pinterest

Take advantage of the sharing power of Pinterest by adding a Pin It widget to your images. This allows your images to be pinned onto Pinterest boards straight from your site, which draws traffic back onto your page from others who find your content. Pin It buttons are a simple and unmistakable way for your users to engage with and spread around your images!

Our Favorite: Pin It Button

Share With Just One Click

Encourage your followers to share your posts with their audience by installing a set of floating social icons. When people click a platform icon, it pulls up their personal social account and populates your post’s link so they can easily share to any of their feeds with the click of a button! Anchor your widget in the corner of your page, or have it float along with the scroll of your page — it’s up to you!

Our Favorite: Floating Social Media Icons

Connect With Your Readers Across Your Channels

Ensure your followers can keep track of your sharing activity by keeping your social profiles in one place. Doing so makes it easy to keep followers connected with all your social channels, so you can increase visits and engagements to your blog as well as grow your audience on your other channels. By keeping all your profiles in one place, you can get attention everywhere online and bring your audience with you when you join new platforms.

Our Favorite: (also on Android and iOS)

Recipe Widgets

Strengthen your SEO footprint and increase your site visibility with a recipe widget.These are especially useful for food bloggers as they make your recipes visible to search engines. This increases the visibility of your blog story for those that do not regularly read your blog, which in turn grows your readership. The more information you include, the higher the chances of your recipe being enhanced by Google Recipe Search. It also makes your recipe easily shareable on social media, increasing your post’s visibility and chances of going viral.

Our Favorite: Yummly

Foster Engagement Through Related Interests

Build upon your readers’ interests by installing a Tag Cloud Widget. This will create a list of tags used on your posts in your sidebar that your readers can use to find similar posts. Frequently used tags will display in a larger font, while those used less frequently will display smaller. By displaying your most talked about subjects, your readers will be able to find the topics that resonate with the most and browse your site easier.

Our Favorite: Tag Cloud Widget

Reach Out To Your Readers

Tools to increase your blog engagement are not solely limited to tech. Try using the most common tool of all… your voice! By inviting your readers to engage with you, in addition to the aforementioned tools, your following will have the incentive and means to engage with your content. Whether through your comment section or by asking a question at the end of your posts, direct engagement with your readers is a surefire way to get them more involved!