The holidays can be busy, stressful, and sometimes downright overwhelming. However, when we see the happy faces of friends and family and can enjoy the fruits of our labor with them it makes it all worth it. In the meantime, here are a few of our favorite hearty recipes and cozy luxuries to help you relax and stay well during this time of year!

1. Treat Yourself to Something Sweet

This easy recipe comes from Homemade Hooplah for Pillsbury Puff Pastry and is the perfect combination of a warm and sweet treat to relax with at the end of the day. Simply top your Puff Pastry with apples, whip cream, and powdered sugar and you are ready for some quality me time!

Homemade Hooplah

2. Keep It Balanced

While the holidays are a time to indulge in rich food we wouldn’t normally eat, it’s important to keep it balanced and still have some good old-fashioned fruit and protein in our diets. This healthy and light recipe comes from our influencer Athlete Food for the Bellwether Sheep Milk Yogurt program, and showcases how healthy can also still be delicious.

Athlete Food

3. Stop to Smell the Roses

Sometimes we’ve been rushing around so much we forget to take a moment and reflect on what this time of year means to us, and remember old traditions and look forward to the new ones we make with family and friends. Sitting back with a glass of wine is the perfect way to relax, and with rosy cheeks helps us be thankful for all the love we are surrounded by.

A Lily Love Affair

4. Start Your Morning Right

Sometimes getting up in the morning is difficult, especially after a holiday party. Take a moment for yourself in the morning to wake up, hear the birds chirping and enjoy a cup of coffee. Check out Christine of The Rustic Foodie’s scrumptious Banana Walnut recipe to go with her perfect cup of Illy coffee.

The Rustic Foodie

5. Hydrate and Glow

Hydration is key during these cold dry months, especially for your skin! Set aside time to ensure that you are giving your skin the 4-star treatment for glowing, beautiful results. Corinth of Explore with Corinth shows us her favorite affordable skin care products; because the 4-star treatment doesn’t need to come with a 4-star price tag.

Explore with Corinth