It’s only autumn, but the holiday rush is already upon us (just check your local supermarket or discount retailer for proof) ! As most influencers know, the holiday season is the busiest time of year for advertising, and many brands want to reach consumer audiences through holiday-themed influencer marketing programs. In fact, you might already be receiving sponsorship offers related to the impending holidays.

If you’re already feeling strapped for time, don’t fear. Linqia has 5 tips for prepping your website for the holidays.

Pick Favorites

Only participate in interesting sponsorships that match your persona and fit your expertise. While you’ll likely receive multiple holiday program invitations from a variety of brands, only accept those you find inspiring. An influencer’s enthusiasm for a program shows in their content, so if your audience can’t sense passion in your sponsored post, they’re unlikely to find it authentic and engaging. Plus, programs you’re excited about are more fun for you.

Schedule Everything

Schedule holiday content far in advance. Platforms like CoSchedule allow you to prepare large batches of content and automate them for release over time, leaving you breathing room for holiday activities that can eat up time (cookie decorating, anyone?). Scheduling also gives you an instant view of your upcoming content, helping you avoid overcommitting yourself or accepting sponsorships from competing brands. Additionally, most scheduling services give engagement insights about your posts, so you can optimize your content strategies for the next holiday season.

Be Communicative

Maintain good relationships with your influencer marketing partners. While this time of year can be overwhelming, it’s a season when advertisers are also incredibly busy, so being conscientious of their time can build goodwill with a brand or influencer marketing platform. Even if you are only responding to decline an opportunity, this consideration is greatly appreciated by sponsors and shows that you are professional and reliable. Inform your program team as soon as possible if you can’t honor a sponsorship commitment so they can plan accordingly. Linqia understands that sometimes unforeseeable situations prevent influencers from posting their sponsored content, so there is no punishment for giving notice of your inability to participate.

Take Advantage of Holiday Hashtags

Include trending holiday hashtags in your social posts. Many holiday-related hashtags pop up throughout the day or week, so look for relevant tags and add them to your scheduled social posts whenever possible. Anyone who searches the trending hashtag will see your posts, giving you the opportunity to reach new audiences or raise visibility among your current followers. Always investigate a hashtag before adding it your posts, as well-intentioned hashtags are sometimes be overtaken by internet trolls and lose their original meaning.

Use Holiday Themes in Your Imagery

Create holiday inspired images. Content with relevant images receive 94% more views than content without relevant images.A great holiday-themed post without corresponding images can be be completely overlooked by the audience. Also, when your holiday-themed sponsored posts contain festive images, the brand is more likely to repurpose or feature your content on its website or social channels. Gather props like wreaths, candles, or twinkle lights to place in photo backgrounds for an easy holiday touch.

The holidays can be taxing, but incorporating these five tips into your content creation can reduce the pressure and give you ample time to enjoy the season. Pick up more efficiency advice in our posts about essential tools for influencers and preparation questions for writing sponsored content. You can share your tips for staying on schedule during the busy winter months on our Facebook and Twitter.