The beginning of each year is a great time to start fresh with new goals, new projects, and even new passions. Alongside personal “New Year, New Me” aspirations, why not harness that energy into your blog? Keep reading for tried and true tips for blog success from the ISM team to refresh, refine, and skyrocket your blog into the New Year!

Get Back to Basics

Take a moment to reflect on the reasons why you started your blog, and the path your content has taken. How has your original vision deviated from your current content? Use the New Year as a time to hone in on what you want your blog to be, what your audience likes, and what ways that you can continue to make your blog authentically yours.

Audit Your Content

When readers come to your site, often they’ll use your header and sidebars to navigate your site. After affirming your creative vision, set up your site for success by clearly telling potential readers what you write about. Not only will this help with your site navigation, but it can also come in handy when trying to index old posts! If you’re having trouble, imagine reading your blog from a bird’s eye view — what do you write about the most and what are the most important topics to you?

New Year, New About You

92% of people trust recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over corporations and brands, which plays a major role in the beauty of influencer marketing. The New Year is a perfect opportunity to update your About Me page! Take the opportunity to cultivate relationships and authenticity with your readers by reserving a section to talk about yourself and your journey. What inspired you to start a blog? What are your favorite foods? What are your passions? Let your readers know, and they’ll better engage with you.

Try a New Look

The best (and simplest) way to spruce up your blog this year is by trying out a new layout! Similar to buying a new clothing item, switching up the appearance of your site can give your site a brand new feeling with a click of a button (and without breaking the bank!). Try sites like Etsy for more on-trend designs or even domains such as Blogger and WordPress to give yourself a new ‘do. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference a sleeker feel or a new color will revamp your site!

Troubleshoot and Clean Up

There is nothing worse than clicking on a link in anticipation and seeing that it does not work. Take the time this year to double check that any links on your site still refer to the proper URLs and that all social handles reflect the current information. Similarly, check that any networks you may use with your site are also updated! Also, you should clean up your Linqia profile and update it with the most recent information about yourself so we can engage with you as well! You can find tutorials on how to update your Linqia information here and here.

If you have any questions about the New Year, want to chat with a friendly ISM, or are interested in more tips on improving your site, feel free to email us at or browse our Support Center!