Cheers to all the fathers and father figures! This year we’re celebrating the special men in our lives with 5 stories written from and for all-star fathers. These stories fused beautiful photography with touching tales illustrating how Father’s Day celebrations can take any form — breakfast in bed, a relaxing day in the mountains, a moment to reflect on the challenges of parenthood – while still capturing the heartfelt beauty of the relationship.

These were also top performers, as the influencers optimized for success in both their written and visual content by drawing a deep emotional connection with their audience through incorporating a human element within their blog stories and by featuring beautiful lifestyle and product photos. For example, during the Baxter of California Father’s Day program, influencers that included a visually-interesting flat lay or human element resulted in an average of 4.5X as many engagements as those that did not in the previous year’s program.

This Father’s Day, share a story that authentically captures your family’s celebrations while using best practices from past programs. No matter how you choose to honor the father figures in your life, we hope these stories inspire your Father’s Day.

1. Invite Him to Write

Siri, who writes Of Pumpkin Thieves & Buffalo Wings, called on her husband, Lance, to write a special guest post in honor of Father’s Day for the “It’s All Worth It” program with Gerber. Lance shared a beautiful story about the birth of their first daughter, Svea. From his hopes and fears to a health scare shortly after Svea’s birth, Lance says everything has been worth it.

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2. Share the Journey

For last year’s Father’s Day program with Stanley Brand, Meg of Rivers & Roads shared a beautiful story about a day spent with her adventure-ready dad. To celebrate their father-daughter bond, they took a hike through the mountains and pitched a tent to enjoy their surroundings in sweet and simple silence.

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3. Let the Little Ones In 

For our Father’s Day program with Golden Grahams, Sarah of In The Know Mom wrote about how her kiddos helped her pull off the perfect breakfast in bed. From setting the scene to bringing on the cuddles, Sarah offers beautiful photos and a useful step-by-step for a casual Father’s Day he’ll never forget.

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4.  Offer Gift Suggestions 

If you find a gift that you think is perfect for the man in your life, share it with your audience! Ashley  of Afternoon Espresso did exactly that to celebrate the father figures in her life when she shared grooming gear from Baxter of California on her blog. Ashley’s top-performing photos clearly featured the packaging and a human element to inspire her readers.

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5. Be Inspired

Our “Own Your Tomorrow” program with Charles Schwab welcomed influencers to write about how they’ve taken an active role in creating their lives. Tyler of Tynology shared a personal story about how the birth of his son, Fox, was the turning point that inspired him to be the best version of himself.

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Whether you use these stories to help shape Father’s Day post of your own or to guide your celebrations, we hope these stories inspire a meaningful, heartfelt day for you and all the father figures out there!