66% of marketers repurpose influencer content on their paid (programmatic/ads), owned (website/email), and earned (organic social channels) digital media initiatives. As a result, brands love working with influencers who can create authentic, relevant content that inspires action both during the program and throughout the year.

The holiday season is filled with the hustle and bustle of visiting family, big meal preparations, and decorating the house for the holidays. But did you know these programs are some of the best for creating content that works year round?

Follow these tips to ensure the photos from your holiday program aren’t one hit wonders!

1. Share the spotlight

From snowflakes and Christmas trees to gingerbread and dreidels, holiday-centric photos can be seen from a mile away. During your photoshoot, take it up a notch and turn a few images into everyday scenes by removing the holiday signifiers! Including both holiday-centric and everyday images increases the chances of the brand repurposing your content in more ways than one.

Mon Petit Four

2. Set the scene

Each year as the holidays approach there are tell tale signs in nature — the days get shorter, the leaves change color, and snow begins to fall. Capture the magic of these natural changes in your blog content. Have a picnic surrounded by the changing landscape, jump in piles of crunchy leaves, or even go ice skating on the nearby lake! Creating content focused on the season gives brands more to work with during the year.

Simply Darrling

3. Shine bright

The days might be getting shorter and gloomier, but your content doesn’t have to! Use metallics and bright colors to offset the winter darkness and add some shine. Dazzle your way through the holiday season using decorative elements such as string lights, pops of copper, or hygge-inducing candles. After all, beautiful content is embraced year round.

The Styled Fox

4. Share family traditions

Holidays are about traditions and the people you cultivate those traditions with. Whether it’s baking cookies, decorating the house, or shopping for the perfect tree, show off how you involve your family in keeping your traditions alive. And because family is forever, the content is relevant throughout the year.

Little Hiccups