It’s no secret that video content is highly effective on social – brands and influencers both turn to video to reach their audiences with engaging, interactive content. If you have the opportunity to create a video on your next Linqia program, here are a few key ways to optimize video content to generate the highest engagement and views.

1. Create a shorter, sped up version

While all Linqia programs require your videos to be at least 30 seconds in length (you may find you need more than that to communicate your message), it is highly effective to create a shorter, sped up version of your long-form video to share on social.

In a recent beauty program, influencers who shared a sped up cut of their full-length video—between 30 and 55 seconds long—drove 3X more engagement on Instagram and 25X greater engagement on Facebook, relative to the program average. By highlighting their makeup looks and product reviews in an easily digestible form, these influencers were able to draw in more viewers and inspire the audience to take action.

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2. Skip the voiceover and opt for text overlay

Whether it’s a recipe video, makeup routine, product demo, or tutorial, consider removing the voiceovers and other sounds from your full-length video and communicate with captions and text overlay. 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute, so having text captions helps clearly lay out what’s going on in your video and entices your audiences to follow along. This tactic really draws in audience members to engage with the content, not only increasing your video completion rate, but also helping audiences better understand the message you want to share.

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3. Always make it helpful

Think of yourself as a social media consumer: which videos do you have saved in your Facebook links or Instagram Collections? More than likely it’s videos that you want to reference later, like the helpful hack videos, Tasty-style overhead recipes, or beautiful start-to-finish beauty looks.

Think about these types of videos the next time you’re drafting ideas for a sponsored video and consider what kind of content would be most useful to your audience.

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Keep these tips in mind for your next sponsored video opportunity and watch your engagement grow!