A version of this was originally published on Happiest Mama.

Running a blog is a fun creative outlet, but every once in a while it’s nice to be rewarded financially for your blogging efforts by monetizing your blog. Wondering how to monetize your blog? Consider Linqia!

If you’re thinking of becoming a Linqia influencer, follow these steps to ensure a successful campaign! I LOVE being a Linqia influencer! They are an ethical company, pay promptly, and compensate well for great content and results. They work with well-known, large companies. Plus, the harder you work to promote your authentic stories, the higher your next limit will be!

Basically, as a blogger you write a post featuring a specific product or company, encouraging your readers to perform a specific action, such as visit a Pinterest board or website. You are paid per click, and typically receive an allowance to purchase the product and try it out yourself! It’s fun, simple, and financially lucrative! It’s also a fun break from having to come up with your own ideas for content!

Monetizing your blog can be daunting, but creating fun campaigns with Linqia is an easy way to get started.

Here are my tips for running a successful Linqia campaign:

  1. Only choose a campaign that you can really get behind. For example, if you cook your own baby food then don’t accept a campaign for baby food. You want to lend your voice to something you truly believe in! Being selective about which campaigns you accept will ensure success. When monetizing my blog, it was very important to me that I maintained my authenticity, my voice, and my stories.
  2. Use multiple social streams to promote your links. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are all important ways to strategically drive traffic to your site and to any links that you are trying to promote.
  3. Make images clickable to your unique link, and be sure to always use the links provided by Linqia to be paid per click. Readers love to click on photos! Make sure your pictures are great quality, with text on top and
  4. Read the fine print. Many companies have specific guidelines of how they want their product presented. For example, in a recent campaign for Gerber, I misread the request that no solid chunks of food be added to their product. Oops. It was no big deal, but I did end up coming up with a new idea entirely. Should have read the small print! There are also certain rules you’ll want to follow, such as adding the hashtag #ad before any sponsored posts.
  5. Get creative! Good quality content always wins. Put your own personal twist on the campaign. Engage your readers, give a real benefit to your followers, and have fun with it!
  6. Support fellow bloggers. Join social media sharing groups, retweet other bloggers, and reach out to others who are working on the campaign. Twitter is extremely powerful tool in this world. If you don’t have many followers, join groups that take turns retweeting one another to gain followers and views!
  7. Exceed your goal. The way Linqia works is by giving bloggers a specific number of estimated clicks per campaign. For example, they might say you are expected to get 100 clicks. If you under achieve, you’ll still be paid per unit. If you overachieve, you’ll be paid for  maximum 100, but the next campaign you’re offered will reflect the higher number, so you might be asked for 150 clicks. They will continue to use an average of your last 3 campaigns to determine how many clicks you’re estimated. Aim high and shoot for the stars!
  8. Create multiple pin-worthy images! There’s no use having an awesome story if no one can find it. Drive readers to your site with images that truly capture their eyes, imaginations, and interests!
  9. Use a service such as Buffer to automatically upload your links, multiple times a day. While creating an engaging blog post is important, you can also benefit greatly from driving social media followers directly to specific links.
  10. Mix up your content. Continue to offer your readership non-sponsored posts, great quality content, and interesting ideas and articles!