Influencer Marketing Measurement & Analytics

Linqia delivers real-time analytics and the industry's most robust closed-loop measurement

Measure Influencer Marketing ROI with Data & Analytics

Linqia makes it easy for you to track and measure your influencer marketing campaigns. We have influencers across all social channels including Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. Our influencers do everything from social media posting, to content creation, to writing blogs – we even run display ads to amplify their best performing content!

Brands and agencies can now directly measure the impact of their influencer marketing efforts by tracking brand awareness, ad creative impact, consideration, purchase intent, offline store visits, in-store sales, TV tune-in and more with the Linqia Intelligence Suite.

Influencer Analytics

Closed Loop Measurement

Go beyond likes and engagements to measure business impact. The Linqia Intelligence Suite is comprised of industry leading partners to measure the success of your influencer campaign and track each business objective to define the true ROI of your influencer marketing campaign. 

Sales Lift:(IRI): Measure the number of sales following your campaign, as well as additional metrics including audience segment performance, buyer profile analysis and optimal frequency to find your total return on investment and influencer ROI.

Brand Lift (Dynata): Evaluate key metrics such as brand awareness, product recall, purchase intent and consideration by consumers.

In-Store Traffic (Placed by Foursquare): Discover the impact on in-store traffic numbers, after a consumer engages with Linqia content, and receive additional insights into demographic and geographic data.

TV Tune-in (SambaTV): Learn the impact of a campaign’s effectiveness on whether your target audience tuned in to watch your event or TV show.

The Linqia Analytics Dashboard

With access to the Linqia Analytics Dashboard, you’ll receive real-time reporting to measure your campaign while it’s running on social media platforms organically and through paid advertising. This includes reporting on digital marketing metrics like:

  • Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Engagement Rate
  • Impressions
  • Location Tracking
  • Tracking Goals by %
  • Benchmark Comparison Reporting
  • Campaign Comparison Reporting
  • Content Distribution
  • Content by Influencer Analysis
Influencer Analytics

The Linqia Recap Report

After the campaign is complete, you’ll receive a Linqia Recap Report which presents you with all of the information needed to understand how your campaign performed from start to finish. Inside the report you’ll find:

  • Reporting on organic and paid media results
  • Evaluation of top assets with best practices to repurpose
  • Sentimental analysis of influencer content and audience engagement
  • A full audience analysis to understand effectiveness
  • Insights and recommendations that can be applied in other channels and in future influencer campaigns
The Linqia Recap Report