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Bayer is a trusted brand that stays fresh through scientific innovation and content that moves at the speed of social media culture. A key goal the company had for their One A Day Multivitamin 50+ product line was to increase product and brand awareness in a novel way for the 50+ population—and TikTok presented a new channel to reach that audience. This was a bold approach given TikTok is heavily associated with younger audiences, so Bayer needed high-performing content that felt both native to TikTok and natural to the 50+ target demographic.

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Denise Vitola | VP Brand Integration PR, Social & Influencer at Bayer




Bayer tapped Linqia, an influencer marketing company known for its ability to combine technology, strategy, and creativity with a refined measurement suite to deliver consistent wins for its clients. Bayer and Linqia have run dozens of successful influencer marketing campaigns and conceived a One A Day 50+ “Teach Me How to Gummy” dance challenge to bring the brand to TikTok. The campaign featured seven TikTok creators, including Alfonso Ribeiro (@alfonsoribeiro), best known for his role as Carlton in the 90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Music is a core component of any successful TikTok influencer campaign, and for the 50+ audience on TikTok, familiarity and nostalgia win. So Bayer’s One A Day team and Linqia decided to remix the famous “Teach Me How to Dougie” song from the 90s—but with a twist. For the newly minted “Teach Me How To Gummy,” creators showed off their dance moves and daily vitamin routine while challenging their audiences to do the same.


The “Teach Me How To Gummy” campaign proved that Linqia’s hypothesis was correct—not only is the adult 50+ audience on TikTok, but they are highly engaged and ready for a good challenge. Out of all the current platforms, TikTok’s algorithm is best able to connect people with varied interests and identities, and show them exactly who and what they want to see. It is not only possible, but prudent for companies to positively shape their brand perception via TikTok—no matter who they need to reach. One thing is clear: old and young can learn from each other, age is just a number (for companies and consumers), and dance trends never go out of style.

After rigorous multi-variant testing, Linqia created paid ads from the original creator content including a hero stitched video that drove a 16.7% click-through rate. The campaign drove a 1.7% increase in purchase intent, a +2.5% lift in unaided brand awareness, and +5.2% lift in brand favorability.

Comment threads blew up with enthusiastic people, many of whom took on the challenge themselves, and One A Day e-commerce activity saw an increase in product carted value traced directly to campaign impact. This was not a one-off ad but a memorable social media movement. It was a stellar example of how to grow and sustain brand love and awareness and reminded everyone that all you need is “a beat that’s super bumpin’” to keep life feeling youthful.

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