Linqia Announces New Shopper Solution

New End-to-End Solution Spans Creation to Closed Loop Measurement for Ecommerce and In-Store with Partners AdLib, IRI, Shoppable®, SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder and RetailSync

San Francisco, CA – Groceryshop (Booth SC3)  – September 16, 2019Linqia, the performance-based influencer marketing leader, today announced a new end-to-end solution – the Enhanced Shopper solution – for shopper marketers to drive sales at their desired point of purchase across multiple retailers, from strategy to true impact. As buyers get more sophisticated and buy from multiple destinations, Linqia designed a solution that covers different paths to purchase including the ability to optimize ecommerce landing pages with influencer content and checkout directly from an influencer’s social post or blog.

Today, Linqia launched two new functionalities of the Enhanced Shopper solution that leverages influencer content to drive online sales with new partners, including:

  • Shoppable® Universal Checkout Embedded in Social Media – For the first time, marketers can partner with influencers to share content that instantly allows consumers to purchase products right from their social media feeds, on both organic and paid posts. With Linqia and Shoppable®, the leading distributed commerce technology company, an influencer’s organic or sponsored content on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram post or story can now feature add to cart functionality for direct purchase.
  • Enhanced Ecommerce Product Pages – Influencer content can now be used to enhance product pages on retailer sites by showing real people using the product in an authentic way. With Linqia and SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder, marketers can easily and instantly optimize product pages with influencer content on Linqia is also onboarding additional shopper experience partners to extend beyond Walmart and into other retailers. 

Influencer content online is compelling, engaging, and it gets consumers to constantly ask, ‘where did you get that?’ Shoppable’s Add-to-Cart capability, combined with Linqia’s expertise in influencer marketing, means consumers no longer need to ask. Instead, consumers can now click straight through to the checkout page, taking the average path to purchase from 16 clicks down to three,” said Heather Marie Udo, CEO & Founder of Shoppable. “We see the future of ecommerce as the ability to shop everywhere you are inspired. This partnership allows brands to capitalize on the demand created by influencers and gives consumers what they have been asking for.” 

“Shoppers want to see peer opinions about products at the moment of transaction, which is the product detail page. There is no better place for user created content to live. As a part of the Enhanced Shopper solution, we can publish user created videos, recipes, documents or tutorials through rich media on Walmart product pages,” said Eric Howerton, SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder’s Chief Growth Officer.

The Enhanced Shopper solution begins with a strategic planning session with a team of experts to design the right program and select the right influencers using Linqia’s PerformanceMatch™ technology. After the organic campaign runs, Linqia’s PerformanceLift™ technology using data from these new partners and internal proprietary data to determine the right creative to amplify on paid channels. To determine the paid media campaign targeting, the Enhanced Shopper solution now uses audience buyer segments from partner AdLib, powered by MediaMath, based on credit card purchase data from sources such as Mastercard and Visa. Campaigns can also run simultaneously across multiple retailers. 

In addition to supporting online shopping, Linqia also partners with industry leaders IRI and RetailSync to measure in-store purchases. Full insights reports provide details on demographic and spend levels, as well as basket building to learn other products that were purchased with the promoted product.

“Shopper marketers are looking to have timely closed loop measurement to ensure their activities are in fact driving sales at their desired retailers. RetailSync takes away the chaos and confusion around gathering contextual and non-contextual data through our automated basket analysis,” said Brittney Snow, EVP Sales, RetailSync.

“Influencer marketing is extremely effective because marketers can communicate with their most loyal consumers in more authentic ways,” said Nishat Mehta, president of the IRI Media Center of Excellence. “IRI has been measuring influencer campaigns for nearly a decade and we are excited to work with Linqia to prove the value of their new shopper solution. By providing actual offline sales for campaigns at the UPC and brand level, marketers now have an ROI-based KPIs to evaluate the success of a campaign and create better experiences for their consumers.” 

“We live in the instant gratification economy – when a consumer sees something they desire, they want to buy it immediately without having to go to a store or website to make a purchase. With our innovative partnerships, consumers can now purchase products directly from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more. We also know that the value of influencer created content extends far beyond the social feed, driving a 2.7X increase in performance across paid channels,” said Daniel Schotland, COO of Linqia. “With our new Enhanced Shopper solution, the marketer selects their desired channel, ecommerce or in-store, and we deliver guaranteed results every time.”

Linqia is constantly enhancing the Enhanced Shopper solution through new partnerships meant to further strengthen the full experience for shopper marketers to not only drive immediate sales, but also provide the tools needed to preserve or expand shelf space. 

Visit Linqia at Groceryshop at Booth SC3 in Las Vegas, NV September 16-17.  

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