Linqia, Announces Integration with Google Vision AI

The integration brings precise AI capabilities to Linqia’s proprietary platform, offering increased accuracy when matching influencers to specific campaign needs

SAN FRANCISCO (November 14,  2022) – Linqia, the calm in the chaos of influencer marketing, today announced an integration with Google Vision AI that brings advanced AI capabilities to Linqia’s proprietary Resonate platform.

Vision AI is Google’s platform for image analysis. The technology scans thousands of images in milliseconds to identify image metadata, which includes objects, labels, brand logos, object placement and prominence, and other key attributes. The basis for many category-leading applications, Vision AI was carefully evaluated by the Linqia team and chosen as the foundational AI layer for Linqia’s Resonate platform.

“Google’s Vision AI is a game changer – not just for Linqia but for the influencer marketing industry as a whole,” said Nader Alizadeh, Linqia’s CEO.  “For the first time, because of the level of image data Vision AI provides, brands can identify influencers that match specific criteria without the painstaking time and effort that is the industry norm.”

By leveraging Vision AI to detect image metadata, Linqia’s platform can glean deeper insights into influencer interests, affinities, content aesthetics, and other content attributes. This enables Linqia to create a more sophisticated model across all of an influencer’s social posts to determine the right fit for each campaign.

Linqia uses these sophisticated models within its Influencer Discovery module to power keyword and contextual searches that apply brand-provided influencer criteria to identify influencers who best align with the brand and campaign goals. Directly within the Resonate platform, Linqia can vet influencers in mere seconds and surface and highlight posts that match the criteria.

For example, if an influencer posts an image on their Instagram account that shows them cooking a new recipe in their kitchen, Vision AI provides a set of image metadata that might include the following:

  • Image objects – stovetop, knife, cutting board, pots, pans, spoon, vegetables, meat, rice
  • Image labels – person, packaged goods, utensils, cutlery, cooking, kitchen, recipe
  • Image brand detection – Miele, KitchenAid, Henckel, Rice A Roni

Applying this technology to a recent campaign, Linqia worked with a brand partner to find influencers with experience creating and talking about charcuterie boards. Using Google Vision, Linqia identified the right set of influencers who not only fit the demographic profile of the target audience, but had a proven track record of posts featuring charcuterie boards they created. This connection to the subject matter ensured the influencers had the right level of experience and quality content creation skills to match the expectations of the brand.

This integration comes on the heels of Linqia’s recent platform partnership announcements with TikTok and Pinterest and a company rebrand, solidifying the influencer marketing company’s reputation and role within the influencer marketing ecosystem.

About Linqia

Linqia is the calm in the chaotic sea of influencer marketing. They are a full-service, tech-enabled platform that handles campaigns for the world’s leading brands from influencer selection to creative strategy to scale. While some influencer companies offer only technology and others operate as creative agencies, Linqia leverages both science and storytelling to help brands create emotive, human-first campaigns with inspiring content optimized by metrics-driven confidence.