Increase Awareness

Raise awareness through trusted voices.

  • Reach millions of consumers through the voices of people they trust most – their peers.
  • With just 90 minutes of your time, we can have hundreds of influencers creating and sharing original content about your product or initiative, all aligned with your brand message.
  • Linqia programs can launch in as little as eight days, with guaranteed reach, engagement and traffic results.

Inspire engagement and sharing of your message.

  • Tap into the meaningful relationships that each influencer has built with their audience, which naturally results in engagement and sharing.
  • Our influencers are incentivized to deliver you truly engaged consumers, and will create and share as much high-quality content as needed to achieve the program goal.
  • Because of this unique approach, Linqia delivers significantly more engagement and sharing than the program goal, on average.

Amplify the best content for even greater reach.

  • Our platform identifies which pieces of content are delivering the best results, so you can supercharge it with additional paid distribution.
  • Target look-alike audiences on social media with content that is tested and guaranteed to perform.
  • Use Linqia as your “always-on content lab” and drive accountability from your influencer marketing spend while making your paid media buys more efficient.







“As the number of people watching traditional TV continues to drop, we needed to raise awareness for TV Everywhere, a site where fans can tune into their favorite NBC shows on mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers. The Linqia influencer program successfully reached more than 20 million people and drove 44% more visits to the TV Everywhere landing page than the program goal.”


Customer Case Studies

Case Study

The Linqia Platform: Supercharge your Content Marketing

Linqia takes the pain out of influencer marketing through a powerful platform that is managed alongside a proven process. The result is an “always on” content machine that delivers incredible results for your brand.

  • Discover the best influencers based on geographic, demographic and interest graph data.
  • Match based on who has proven they can deliver great results for your brand.
  • Run a Storybook program to engage consumers with your brand story over time.
  • Analyze the influencer content to determine which nuanced approaches perform best.
  • Optimize future flights and programs based on those results.

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