Facebook recently announced that it will demote individual posts from people and pages that use engagement bait, which includes asking for likes, shares, clicks and comments. According to Facebook, its teams “have reviewed and categorized hundreds of thousands of posts” so that its machine-learning technology can detect and downgrade posts that ask for engagement.

How does this affect Linqia influencers? It means that influencers who blatantly ask for clicks in order to reach their click milestones will start to see a decline in overall post and page visibility. Examples of engagement bait include posts similar to, “Like this if you love mac and cheese!” or “Share this if you agree!” or “Comment ‘YES’ if this sounds like you!” As a result, influencers that post this type of content hurt their chances of reaching their click milestone as well as their opportunity to increase their earnings with Linqia.  

In order to ensure your posts, page visibility, and potential earnings aren’t affected by this change, be conscious of what you say when posting content to Facebook and Instagram. Instead of blatantly asking for engagement, interact with your audience in a way that inspires authentic conversations. For example, ask a relevant question (“What’s the secret to your beauty routine?”), request a few recommendations (“Help! Need some ideas for my next DIY project”), or tell a story they can relate to (“I can’t be the only one who’s had to improvise ingredients while in the middle of a recipe…”).

Linqia is Your Partner in Authentic Influencer Marketing

As a leader in brand safety, Linqia is committed to protecting the brands we work with by combating influencer marketing fraud, and we applaud Facebook’s move to improve the quality and authenticity of the content that’s shared on the network.

The influencer marketing landscape is rapidly changing and the key to being a successful influencer, particularly in performance-based programs like Linqia’s, is to cultivate the ability to create original content that inspires honest engagement from real audiences and adheres to all brand guidelines. Influencers that do so will continue to see the program opportunities roll in.

For tips and tricks to creating compelling content, check out the Best Practices for Creating Effective Organic Content on Facebook help article. If you have any questions about Facebook’s new update, feel free to reach out to the ISM team at community@linqia.wpengine.com