Motherhood is so much more than what is posted on social media. It’s not always about the perfect shot from a recent family vacation or a video of baby giggles. Beyond the blog, being a mother includes sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and, eventually, preteen angst. Every mother’s experience is unique. And while there is no such thing as the perfect mom, life inevitably includes the realities of motherhood.

This year we’re celebrating Mother’s Day by taking a look back at some of our top influencer stories about what makes motherhood so challenging, unexpected, and rewarding. These mothers not only tackle, but also embrace the real experiences that life throws their way. Their candor and authenticity shines through each image and carefully written caption.

This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate the beautiful women in our life by highlighting a few of our past Mother’s Day programs:

1. #ShareYourHero – Annie Leibovitz WOMEN: New Portraits

Mellissa of She Smiles Within shared why her mother is the hero of her life for Linqia’s #ShareYourHero program about the opening of Annie Leibovitz’ WOMEN: New Portraits exhibition. She described both her mother’s strength and her imperfections because even heroes are perfectly imperfect.

2. Fuel The Amazing – Yoplait Go Big

For Linqia’s program with Yoplait Go Big, Sarah of In The Know Mom celebrated motherhood in an open letter to her tween daughter, Savannah. In the letter, Sarah shared both her fears for the future and her pride for Savannah’s confidence, fearlessness, and ability to embrace new experiences.

3. StirYourImagination – Nesquik

Our program with Nesquik was all about how kids act out their imagination and dreams every day. Mandy of A Sorta Fairytale wrote a story about her son’s first time at dance class, explaining how proud she was of his willingness to push himself outside of his comfort zone.

4. It’s All Worth It – Gerber

For last year’s Mother’s Day program with Gerber, Jeannette of J-Man and Miller Bug reflected back on the moments that make motherhood worth it — despite the challenges of being a new parent. She shared her tips on how to stay present during parenthood, day in and day out.

5. Better Things – FX Network

Our program with FX Network’s original series, Better Things, encouraged mothers to share their stories about when parenthood felt, well, complicated and tiresome. Sally of Little Hiccups kept it honest with a story about laughing through the ups and downs, and finding solidarity in hearing other mothers’ stories.


The beauty of a blog is that it provides real individuals with a platform to share the good, the bad, and everything in between. It allows bloggers to build a community that has the opportunity to exchange advice and follow along with each milestone.

By sharing their realest moments, our influencers underscore that being a parent with a digital presence is about so much more than a well-curated Instagram feed or a beautifully edited photo. It’s about telling unique stories as fuel for human connection, understanding, and inspiration.