Winner of Gold American Business Award for Marketing Campaign of the Year – Beverages, Alcohol


Wente Vineyards, a fifth-generation family-owned business, wanted to increase awareness around its wide collection of wines. The brand turned to influencer marketing to help develop and share its story of being “the oldest continuously operated, family-owned winery in the United States.”  Wente Vineyards sought an influencer marketing program that would connect them with influencers who could share the brand’s authentic story in a genuine way.

“Although this Storybook program was Wente Vineyard’s first foray into influencer marketing, the program was so successful that the we plan to double our influencer marketing investment in coming year.

Wente Vineyards Senior Brand Manager


Wente Vineyards teamed up with Linqia to launch a Storybook, a three-flight influencer marketing program that activated influencers in the Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Active Living, Home and Garden, and Parenting verticals. In the first flight, titled Love of the Journey, influencers shared their deepest passions and detailed the journey or practice that goes into perfecting them. The influencers paralleled their personal stories with Wente Vineyards’ passion for winemaking, encouraging their followers to visit the program landing page to learn more about the brand.

The second flight, titled Paired by Wente Vineyards, continued to drive awareness of the Love of the Journey content theme. Influencers talked about their passions while simultaneously weaving in Wente Vineyards’ history of winemaking and music, two of Karl D. Wente’s (Fifth-Generation Winegrower) biggest passions. During the second flight, Linqia’s program managers found that many influencers were passionate about cooking. This storyline garnered the most audience engagement and, as a result, Linqia advised Wente Vineyards to optimize the final flight by shifting to a recipe focus.

In the third flight, also titled Paired by Wente Vineyards, influencers switched focus to pair Wente Vineyards with their favorite recipes. The influencers shared their top food and drink recipes, complementing their blog stories with beautiful photography of the process and end result. Some influencers even created tutorial videos on how their audiences could recreate the mouthwatering entrees with Wente Vineyards wine as a key ingredient. The influencers’ passion for cooking resonated deeply with their followers, resulting in a 3x jump in audience engagement from the previous flights.

By the Storybook’s end, Linqia influencers created over 3,100 pieces of original content, including 110 unique blog stories, 150+ photos, 31 recipes, 10 videos, and almost 2,900 social posts around Wente Vineyards’ passionate history and its collection of wines. The program content generated 76.1 million potential impressions, driving over 38,000 visits to program landing pages and inspiring nearly 105,000 audience engagements, 241% over the program goal. The brand has also repurposed the influencer-generated content on its social channels.


  • Linqia influencers created over 3,100 pieces of original content including blog stories, recipes, photographs, videos, and social media posts.
  • The influencer content generated 76.1 million potential impressions.
  • The Storybook program inspired over 143,000 online engagements, including clicks, likes, comments, retweets, and shares.