Pop & Cook wanted to generate awareness around its innovative products, available exclusively at Walmart stores. Pop & Cook partnered with Linqia to launch an influencer marketing program that introduced its signature line of pre-portioned fresh garlic and herbs to consumers and encouraged them to visit their local Walmart to make a purchase.


Linqia connected Pop & Cook with 25 influencers in the Food, Lifestyle, and Parenting verticals, all of whom have an interest in food, cooking, recipes, and family meals. The influencers introduced the brand to their audiences, highlighting the convenience of its fresh, frozen, chopped, and ready to use garlic and herbs.

The influencers also encouraged their audiences to visit their local Walmart and stock up on Pop & Cook, as the product’s unique benefits and Walmart’s unbeatable prices provided the perfect combination of value and taste. They shared their positive shopping experience at Walmart (including in-store photography of where to find Pop & Cook on the shelf) and topped their stories off with recipe favorites using Pop & Cook herbs, complemented with tantalizing food and product photography.


By the end of the program, the influencer-created content (blog stories, recipes, videos, photos, and social posts) generated 14 million impressions. The variety of original content resonated with the audience, inspiring almost 30,000 online consumer engagements and 6X more likes than the average Instagram post. The influencer content drove nearly 9,900 clicks to Pop & Cook’s landing page where consumers could locate the closest Walmart and find more mouth-watering recipes.

As a direct result of their Linqia influencer program, Pop & Cook saw a 13% average sales lift across all 4 product varieties carried at Walmart and a 17.2% increase for cilantro.

  • Linqia influencers created over 440 pieces of original content including blog stories, recipes, photographs, videos, and social media posts.
  • The influencer content inspired nearly 30,000 online engagements, including clicks, likes, comments, retweets, and shares.
  • The program drove a 13% (average) increase in sales lift at Walmart stores.