Hiland Dairy wanted to raise awareness of its quality dairy products while growing its consumer database through email signups and giveaways. Hiland Dairy teamed up with its creative agency and Linqia to launch a series of  influencer marketing programs designed to engage consumers around its various products, from milk and cottage cheese to ice cream and yogurt.

We love the quality of content we receive from Linqia’s influencers, from the photos to the recipes to the authentic stories about their experiences with our products. It’s great to have a library of content that we can pull from year-round any time we need new content for our blog or social channels.

Interactive Marketing Manager for Hiland Dairy


Linqia used its AI-driven platform to match Hiland Dairy with 27 Food, Parenting, and Lifestyle influencers, all of whom have a flair for food – from mouthwatering holiday creations to health conscious cooking and meal preparation. During the first program, Make It a Hiland Holiday, influencers shared their favorite holiday recipes using Hiland Dairy products as a key ingredient and encouraged their audiences to recreate the recipes for their own holiday events. In the second program, Get Healthy with Hiland, influencers shared how they use Hiland Dairy products in their regular health and fitness routines. The third program, Meal Planning with Hiland, featured Hiland Dairy products incorporated into the influencers’ meal planning regimens. The call-to-action for the last two programs was a sign up for Hiland Dairy’s weekly email track around healthy eating and meal planning.


  • Hiland Dairy saw a 40% increase in email signups in the Meal Prepping with Hiland program as a result of Linqia’s program optimizations and insights.
  • Linqia’s influencer marketing programs drove the second most signups behind Facebook, ahead of display ads, native advertising, paid social advertising, and pre-roll video ads.
  • Content from Linqia influencers received 3.7X more likes and 3X more retweets on Twitter than Hiland Dairy’s paid Twitter ads and 1.75X more comments on Instagram than Hiland Dairy’s paid Instagram ads using brand-created content.