Winner of 2017 Gold American Business Award for Marketing Campaign of the Year – Packaged Food


Dorot wanted to raise awareness around its unique product offering and drive audiences to its newly designed website. Dorot partnered with Linqia to launch an influencer marketing program that educated consumers about the unique benefits of Dorot products and encouraged them to buy the products at select retailers.

“Influencer content is better than anything we can create in-house or with an ad agency where the authenticity can get lost. We give the influencers free reign to create content because their message is much more authentic, powerful, and effective.”



Linqia connected Dorot with 60+ influencers in the Food, Lifestyle, Parenting, and Home & Garden verticals, all of whom have an interest in cooking, recipes, and new ingredients. The influencers introduced their audiences to Dorot’s innovative product – frozen, pre-measured cubes of various herbs – by documenting their in-store buying experience and sharing their favorite recipes using Dorot products with mouthwatering food photography.

The influencers crafted stories that educated their audiences about Dorot’s numerous benefits, including its affordability, the convenience of the pre-measured cubes, and the product’s long shelf life. The influencer content even revealed new product benefits, including a new use case as a burst of flavor for salad or soup and the revelation that its products don’t make consumers fingers smell like garlic. Linqia’s influencers encouraged their followers to visit the program landing page where they could learn more about Dorot’s unique product benefits and download a coupon.

By the end of the program, the 2,100+ pieces of influencer-generated content (blog stories, recipes, videos, photos, and social posts) generated 45.8 million potential impressions. The variety of original content resonated with the audience, resulting in a 15% increase in sales lift in measured channels and inspiring nearly 44,000 online consumer engagements. Additionally, the influencer content drove over 22,600 clicks to Dorot’s landing page where consumers could find more delicious recipes. Dorot even repurposed the program’s most inspiring content on its Facebook page, driving audiences back to the influencers’ original blog posts to learn more.


  • Linqia influencers created over 2,100 pieces of original content including blog stories, recipes, photographs, videos, and social media posts.
  • The influencer content inspired nearly 66,600 online engagements, including clicks, likes, comments, retweets, and shares.
  • The program drove a 15% increase in sales lift in measured channels.