Our Story


Linqia’s name is derivative of the linckia starfish, one of the most resilient and prolific creatures in the sea. Linckia starfish instinctively cast off their limbs and regenerate into new starfish as a means of reproduction and survival.

We liken the linckia starfish to the power of word-of-mouth in effectively spreading a brand’s message. In the same way that the tiniest of linckia fragments can give life to new starfish, Linqia influencers can spread a brand’s message in ways that win the hearts and minds of the influencer’s audience. Whether it be engaging personal stories, opinions, or reviews, the authenticity of the content establishes an emotional connection between influencer and audience and is a powerful tool for inspiring action.


Linqia co-founders Maria Sipka and Nader Alizadeh envisioned the future of influencer marketing in late 2012. They knew that traditional advertising methods could not compare to the power of personal recommendations, particularly in today’s digital age, so they created a framework through which meaningful, authentic, and consumer-driven stories and content would become the new marketing standard.

The result is Linqia, the first performance-based influencer marketing platform that empowers brands, advertisers, and influencers to partner towards the shared goal of developing a lasting, emotional connection between brands and consumers. Our mission is to create harmony between people and brands by bringing trust and relevance to advertising. We also look at various schemes to get more instagram followers for free, this way, we can maximise on budgets elsewhere in the campaign.

Today, Linqia works with over 250 leading national brands, connecting them with over 100,000 influencers in the U.S. that meet our criteria for success and are guaranteed to deliver meaningful results. Our vision is to become the engine for high-performing content that delivers the best return on ad spend across all digital media.


There are hundreds of influencer marketing providers on the market – so what makes Linqia different? Linqia is the only influencer marketing provider that guarantees that we will deliver results to our clients. If we don’t meet your goals, you don’t pay. Period. It’s the no-risk way to inspire your target audience to take action.

Here’s why our customers keep coming back:

  • Our Pricing Model – We offer goal-based pricing that aligns with our customer’s objectives, whether that be Reach (CPM), Engagement (CPE), or Traffic and Conversions (CPC). Unlike other influencer marketing platforms that pay influencers per post, Linqia pays influencers for the results they deliver, so they are just as invested in the success of a program as you are.
  • Our Technology – The Linqia Performance Platform uses AI to analyze billions of data points and leverage that data to predict which influencers will deliver against a brand’s goals. We are so confident in our predictive technology that we have built an entire business model on guaranteeing that we will deliver on those predictions.
  • Turn-key Process – All Linqia programs are managed by a dedicated customer success team. Our team of experts have thousands of hours of experience managing and analyzing influencer marketing programs and can correct any potential issues as they arise.
  • Proven Content – Our programs generate volumes of high-quality influencer content for brands and our program analytics identify which pieces of influencer content perform best with each audience segment. This enables you to use Linqia as your “always on” content lab so you can take that proven content and use it to drive greater performance from your paid, owned, and earned media channels.